@tigase What about a Matrix/Synapse Server setup Guide?
Gerne auch auf Deutsch.

@Lamdarer don't know about matrix/synapse, but I can recommend you something better or your IM needs: server : github.com/tigase/tigase-serve and there is even a Quick Start guide already: docs.tigase.net/tigase-server/ 😉

@tigase I also use XMPP 😇 I think they just have a slightly different use case.
I also just noticed you are some kind of hoster and not just someone making Tutorials xD
Thx anyway

@Lamdarer Tigase in itself is a software company mostly (server, libraries, clients), we also do host our xmpp server and provide free accounts. The tutorial was written by one of the users (Axel, thanks!) and we decided to promote it.

As for use-cases - I'd argue that it's mostly due to the UI/UX and not the protocol itself, Matrix tries to be more slack-ish, but you can achieve same result (from the user perspective) with XMPP :-)

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