Our public installation just got even better and we are the only provider with future of XMPP group chat - !

Read on to find out why MIX is great and what problems it solves

PS. is packed with features: *free* domain hosting, file uploads, TURN/STUN server for your audio/video calls, 100% XMPP compliance and high availability cluster so you won't have to worry about downtime - and it's powered by Server

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@tigase free domain hosting means what? I could not find details on

@tigase doesn't seem to allow registrations. freezes after clicking 'register'.

@joshim Thanks for the tip - should be working fine now (there was a missing DNS entry that web client required)

@tigase registration works now but can't log in using siskin im. says password incorrect, even when definitely typed correctly

@joshim have you confirmed your e-mail address? Does it work with other clients (and only SiskinIM is affected)?

@tigase it's working now! not sure, why, might have been a delay in email authentication.

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