After testing Siskin and Monal for a few days, my impression is that XMPP is now way more usable on iOS than it was back in the days. Many thanks to @tigase for their great work on Siskin IM.

@holger @tigase
I still have issues with monal users not getting reliable pushes from muc. Is Siskin capable of muc pushes and muc omemo usage?

@held @holger there are MUC pushes but not OMEMO in MUC just yet. (it's on our roadmap but we don't have any ETA)

@tigase @holger reliable pushes are way more important, tbh. I'll give it a try I think 😉

@tigase gave it a try and muc pushes as well a omemo work fine. But is it normal / intended to receive a "new message" push each time oneself is typing? Server is prosody 0.11.5

@held No, it's not normal. Do you have any other client connected? Do you have any additional prosody configuration? Have you checked in prosody logs whether it forwards typing notification to push server?

@tigase I had chatsecure and monal on that device as well, but now both are uninstalled. However, prosody shows a push registration for this client for all three push servers in its log file. I know, you're no prosody support, but do you know when these push registrations will be deleted from the server?
Self-pushing while typing still occurs... I have no additional push config added to prosody except the enabling of mod_cloud_notify. Should I provide the whole config?

@held I don't know about retention of those push-registrations. In case of siskin it's not possible to remove account without disabling push.

As for self-typing notification this is definitely weird - does it happen always or only on selected chats / groupchats? Could you check prosody logs whether prosody forwards those stanzas? In general Chat States ( should not be forwarded to

@tigase the prosody - guys call the self-pushing a "a really interesting issue indeed" 😂 and also have no fast solution to it. It happens in all chats, except mucs (not surprising, since pushes do not work there at all currently).
Edit : even if the push activation slider in muc still can not be enabled, muc pushes work currently (no idea what changed in the mean time). Self pushing still occurs in chat, but not in muc


@held I can recommend checking prosody logs and trying to figure out what's triggering forwarding to :-)

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