@jr it should be though there is still an issue with C detecting Stork as available for call (seems like C is looking for some particular things in service discovery)

I was going to reshare, but it's not on @fdroidorg. 😕

Let me explain: I am perfectly OK with devs promoting their paid versions from reputable “markets” (Google, etc.) but for me, seeing that something has made it into #FDroid gives me a lot of confidence as to the actual openness of the software and the devs commitment to #FOSS.

@tigase @fdroidorg

It is a bit of a seal of quality, of you like.

@0 @fdroidorg let me clarify one thing: is completely (github.com/tigase/stork) and it's *free*. It was available in but with the introduction of support for push it was not possible to include it again. We made changes and now it's possible to have non-push version but in the meantime there was a problem with deps. (we have our one maven repository). We'd love to see in but it got stuck with this: github.com/tigase/stork/issues - any help/hint (or contribution) welcome! :-)


Yes I've actually followed that bug report and I understand the situation, hence the comment in my previous post.


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