New versions of clients for 's ( ) and and ( ) have been released. Encrypted files ( ), links preview, improved push and more.

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@tigase My girlfriend still doesn't get any notifications after updating. So push is still not working here. I disabled and re-enabled both the notification switches like you suggested.
And I'm no longer having issues connecting to the push server:
> Accepted inbound s2s EXTERNAL authentication ->

@stevenroose what server powers ejabberd?

Does your girlfriend by any chance kills the app (instead of putting it in the background)?

@tigase ejabberd, yes. Not incredibly up-to-date, probably about 6 months old release. The might occasionally force-close the app. But I also tested with not doing that. Plus, it should definitely also work if she force closes. No other IM apps she uses stop delivering notifications when she force-closes them.

@stevenroose say "thanks" to Apple… a little bit more details. Currently APNS have two priorities (high and low). The low priority notification is ignore when application was killed. Now, in Tigase, we assign high priority to actual messages and low priority to other stanzas (chat states, read receipts, etc); other servers don't do that and by default we use low priority in that case. After internal talk we decided to switch default to 'high' (which will cause more device wakes in this case).

@stevenroose we've made some changes regarding notification priority to better handle different servers (will get higher priority for proper messages) and just deployed new version. It should improve notifications on iOS devices. Please do let us know if that helped.

@tigase I'll try with my gf's phone. I won't be able to test next week, though.

@tigase a friend wants to let you know that since the latest release #BeagleIM on Mac is a complete joy to use, he completely replaced #imessage with it now
#xmpp #omemo

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