@farhan looking for a good client as well. Tested Monal, Chatsecure already but I am not very satisfied with them. So, I am interested as well.

@Photor @farhan Currently I would recommend SiskinIM from Tigase. Monal is on active development, but has some issues. ChatSecure does some thing right (like syncing MUC bookmarks), but has some downsides as well (not waking up after deep sleep state) and its development is, well, not very active.
See also blog.windfluechter.net/content…

@ij @farhan nice overview. 👍

On #Linux I use #Gajim, on #MacOS #Adium. Both do a good job.

But on #IOS I am still looking for my favorite client. #ChatSecure, #Monal and even #SiskinIM are installed at the moment. But all are not what I am really looking for.


@Photor @ij @farhan What do you miss the most in ? Any way to improve the experience?

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