I'm not sure what is worse: The situation of #xmpp clients on iOS or macOS ...

@tigase I tried only Beagle so far. It works but in the end I wasn't happy enough with the setup so I went with Riot/Matrix for now.

@zerok Any particular hints that could us improve? (I'm aware that you said you intended to submit some issues but decided on skipping on that…)

@tigase Sorry for the late response :) IMO clients should support OMEMO and OTR until one has completely replaced the other. A simple way to export a complete chatlog would also be extremely high on my list.


@zerok Thank you for the feedback. I created github.com/tigase/beagle-im/is for the export feature - what format would work for you? XML? JSON? Plain TXT?

As for OTR/OMEMO - given that and are quite young we opted for implementation of the most popular e2e out there (a bit of "due to popular demand"). However, in the future, we will most lean towards MLS instead of OTR.

@tigase Thank you :) Pretty much anything that is parseable would be fine. Given XMPPs history XML would probably be the "expected" format IMO.

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