That's a nifty little list of tools! 👍 I am glad you can use XMPP every day, for me it's actually only a relic of the past that I can't let go.

@tpheine @debacle Especially if you have #Android-using circles, the experience is really acceptable. #Conversations is very much on par with modern clients like WhatsApp UX-wise. For the laymen, there is #Quicksy which is like Conversations but it automatically creates a #Jabber account based on your phone number.
Sadly iOS support sucks and #Dino is the only modern-feel desktop client.

@tigase @tpheine @debacle Also most times the app doesn't show notifications. I enabled the push notifications flip switch (why is that not deault?). No success. I tried closing her phone, sending a message and no notification.

@stevenroose @tpheine @debacle That's weird. Can you connect from your server to `push.tigase.im`?

@tigase @tpheine @debacle How so? Are you asking if our server is private or Tor-based? It's not. It's konuro.net.
Hmm, I just found this:
2020-01-07 00:17:14.699 [warning] <0.27280.10>@ejabberd_s2s_out:handle_auth_failure:226 (tls|<0.27280.10>) Failed outbound s2s EXTERNAL authentication konuro.net -> push.tigase.im (hidden_by_ejabberd): Authentication failed: Peer provided no SASL mechanisms; most likely it doesn't accept our certificate


@stevenroose @tpheine @debacle No, I'm asking about exactly that :-)

New version with SASL-EXTERNAL for s2s should be deployed soon-ish, that should fix a lot of connectivity problems like that.

@tigase @tpheine @debacle Ah kay, so there was nothing wrong with our server's certificate?
Btw, is there a chat room for Tigase produts like Siskin?

@stevenroose It looks ok and our local test shows that it should work after upgrade.

As for the room - there is general muc tigase@muc.tigase.org (but given above issue you may have problem accessing it -- we know sasl-external is pressing matter!)

@stevenroose we just upgrade our instance - I checked from our end and connection to your server worker OK. Could you please check if notifications work for you now? (toggling off-on may be required in the app though)

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