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@tigase I'm testing BeagleIM on my girlfriends MacBook. It doesn't seem to open her groups chats. Neither does it seem to sync chat history in our 121 chat.

@stevenroose @tigase just wanna mention your MUC 🙂

@stevenroose that's weird. Which server do you use? "not opening groupchats" - does she has them as bookmarks? If she is using older implementation of bookmarks then she may try enabling "Enable groupchat bookmark sync" in advanced options in Beagle.

ejabberd. Conversations is her main client. So she's most certainly using the new PEP bookmarks. All OMEMO-enabled, though. Is MAM implemented on Beagle?

@stevenroose Yes, it does' support MAM. Could you check XML console and see if everything is queried correctly (alt-click on "Window" menu will reveal xml console)

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