Tigase is commited to and therefore we are pleased to announce that both ( ) and ( ) just got released with with support. Say yes to encryption in and download latest releases!

@tigase didn't expect it so soon😀, wonder how it does

@Muto glad we could surprise you 😉

Any issue should be reported to

@tigase thanks for the good work, #OMEMO works perfectly good for single chat though I would prefer it to be enabled by default

@tigase will you consider using something more privacy friendly like #Piwik instead of #GoogleAnalytics ?

@Muto thank you for the comment - we may enable encryption by default in the future.

As for statistics - we are considering other solutions and planning to switch from analytics for the exact same reason :-) unfortunately I can't give you any ETA right now.

@tigase How similar are the codebases of the macOS and iOS apps? I think from a user's perspective, it'd better to use the same name. Even if the codebase is different, IMO.

@tigase Well, what I'm saying is that for UX, I would just name them the same, even though they are distinct. XXX-desktop and XXX-mobile.

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