Two big changes:
🙋 we phased out Redmine - forum and support is now at
đź“ť all source code has been migrated to :, and internally we are using by


@tigase would you be so nice to direct me to an android client for xmpp/jabber? and wich severs i'm able to use. no expirience with that solutions.
but want to use it & irc too. kr mic

@tigase im on a fp2, openOS, store= f-droid. have you a direct download link, and does the client work without google services, cloud msg, ect.?

@microbe11 There is an older version of StorkIM (then called Tigase Android Messenger) on f-droid, but it's dated. We are working on bringing updated version to f-droid but this requires some organisational changes...

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