@amic It is probably either #prosody or #ejabberd. Those are the two !XMPP servers that most people seem to use.


consider this a "research question" but - why do you consider only those two servers? Have you considered and dismissed it for some reason?

@tigase #Tigase seems to be aimed at "Enterprise" #XMPP deployments, from previous observations.

In the above post from 2108-12-09, I said "Those are the two !XMPP servers that most people seem to use."

@lnxw48a1 is aim at all sorts of deployments - we try to make the installation as easy as possible (see docs.tigase.net/tigase-server/) however it looks like there is a problem with "discoverability", hence my previous question about your recommendation. What made you believe that we server is aimed at "enterprise" deployments?

@tigase You misunderstood my post from December. One individual asked another individual which !XMPP server software the second person had used. I responded with the names of the two that I usually see in the “single user or small group” context. No one was “recommending” software, nor was anyone seeking recommendations. In that context, mentioning #Tigase #XMPP server would have been the wrong thing to do.

@lnxw48a1 what would you say qualify the software as "single user or small group" ? Or to word it better - what makes users of this group choose one application over another?

@tigase Mostly whatever their contacts use. I chose #Prosody because people I knew were using it. When I spun up an #XMPP sever at work years ago, I ran Jive ( now #OpenFire ) because they also made Spark, the client we used. (Sadly, the test was successful, and $EMPLOYER chose to go with Lync / Skype.)

@lnxw48a1 Thank you for explanation - so it's a bit of snowball effect?

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