I just set up CardDav/CalDAV server to store and server my contacts and calendar. Hopefully it works better than Nextcloud for this.

I just found out that the last book in the Revelation Space series has been released last year. I love surprises like this!

I was $today years old when I realized for the umpteenth time that the POSIX putenv() function assumes ownership of the string passed to it.

I keep forgetting this little detail, and it always leads to some headscratching before I relearn it.

On the plus side, at least my scalp gets regular massage. :)

implementation of getaddrinfo() will happily accept "-1" as service name, and proudly returns numeric port -1 in the result struct. Stay classy, !

I got shanghaied into going for an early morning run. Getting out of bed was bad, but the sights, sounds and smells of a forest in the morning was well worth it!

Finished the third book in The Expanse series and I'm loving it! It is getting more and more different from the TV series, which can be kind of a mindfuck, given that I still remember the series, but in a good way. :)

I wonder - when humans finally colonize Mars, what will the first martian instance be called?

I vote for "Marstodon"! :)

Why would make their Netweaver SDK library use UTF-18 if they can make everybody's life much more miserable by using fucking UCS-2? I hate SAP.

I finally got off my lazy ass and set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC for my new domain.

My e-mails will be so reputable, I will have to start puting fancy top hats on them! :)

Whoa, I should have started doing high-tempo interval runs long time ago. After just a few weeks, my running performance is noticeably going up.

And the best part is, the interval runs aren't as boring as I thought they would be! :)

Found a teensy weensy buffer overflow bug in a legacy C program I inherited at work. Fixed it.

Oh for fuck's sake, the HUGE CLOCK ON THE LOCKSCREEN! And you can't change it!

Whoever thought this would be a good idea for 12 should be fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

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I finally buckled and accepted the 12 system update for my Motorola G200, only to end up without a working on-screen keyboard afterwards. Fun!

The solution was to re-enable Google's "Gboard" application, as apparently that is what provides on-screen keyboard now.

Can't wait for something like to add support for my phone, so that I can it!

Turns out the ## operator is part of the C99 standard, although I'm probably too dumb to understand the section about it, even after several careful readings. :)

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I just found out that the very, very useful, but supposedly GNU-only extension "#" for variadic macros is also supported by 2019's C compiler, as well as rather old compiler version A.06.15 from 2007 on . Which is great, because those are the three platforms my program targets! ✅

I'm giving another try on my new phone. Although I still simply do not know what to do on - there is seemingly no interesting content, apart from random minutiae and people's thought, most of them aren't that interesting.

Sending a custom TLS server name indication (SNI), different from hostname in URL, using :

curl --connect-to custom-server-name:443:host-or-ip-we-actually-connect-to:443 https://custom-server-name/...

Usually accompanied with --header "Host: custom-server-name".

To find "lost" orphaned commits: `git log -g`

I need this every now and then, and always have to painstakingly find the correct switch, because I forget...

I finally got around to setting ap for this Mastodon account. is awesome!

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