Implementing a simple HTTP client in straight C without any helper libraries is fun, but time-consuming. But it will run on platforms where we do not have libcurl, so... yay, I guess?

When running a container that outputs data on stdout which then gets piped to a host program (e.g. in container piped to a video player on host system), it is a good idea to include the option "--log-driver none".

Otherwise the container's output gets saved to a json log inside /var/lib/docker, which can get pretty big pretty fast when watching a 1080p stream. 😅

How to record a particular program with :

1. Identify the correct sink input with "pactl list sink-inputs". An example is"#314"
2. Record from that input with "parecord --monitor-stream=314 file.wav"

Stellar requirements - only two specific "special characters" are allowed. 😆

And yes, just for kicks, I've tried most of the more common special characters, usually considered harmless, like "-" or "_", they really are disallowed there.

The quest for dockerized mail server continues. Postfix and Dovecot are more or less done, I just have to get Letsencrypt TLS certificates shared out from my certbot container.

After using more and more in my docker containers, I decided to take a closer look at the distribution itself.

What I found was a surprisingly well thought out distro with an elegant packaging format. I'm impressed, and even thinking of helping out with package maintenance. Their tooling around package building is impressive, and I've still only scratched the surface.

I'm dreaming of a that would allow me to enter a "layout edit" mode on a loaded page, where I could mouse-drag edges of certain divs to make them wider or narrower.

Everyone seems to be putting text in super-narrow columns these days.

This morning I absent-mindedly clicked "Block" instead of "Later" on a update prompt, and then spent 20 minutes figuring out why my browser java applets do not want to start.

I'm embarrassed to admit that it took looking at strace output to trace it back to configuration in ~/.java saying to block applets.

Mondays, am I right? *rolls eyes*

I just discovered, am self-hosting it on a local desktop (via docker), and now I can keep track of my favourite Youtube series without having a Google account, and without increasingly annoying Youtube interface. Awesome!

I wonder if scrapped their RSS feeds altogether, or just temporarily fucked up the DNS record... I'm worried that it's the former.

If nothing else, this coronacrisis is turning me from evening runner into an early morning runner. And I am starting to like it.

Ooh, this is interesting - a promising way to speed up testing, reusing infrastructure left over from Human Genome Project and machine learning.

Site is currently being "hugged to death", so this description has to suffice in its place:

Anyone else getting a lot of spam on Jabber in last few days?

Or am I perhaps the last person with an active Jabber account, so I'm attracting all the spam robots? :)

Met a small wild boar on my morning run today. A very stoic guy, he didn't seem to be alarmed at my presence at all. Or perhaps he was a diva and loved being photographed. :)

WTF WHO? Get your geography right, Iran is not in "Eastern Mediterranean Region". Fix your situation report tables.

Today I learned that Firefox crashes on some pages (e.g. youtube playing a video) if there is not enough space in /dev/shm, _and_ the window is of at least a certain size.

Found that out while trying to make it work in a docker container. "--shm-size 2g" helped. So did making the Firefox window only about 200x200 pixels big.

The fire truck arrived a few minutes later, and now the fire is almost gone. Good job!

I also noticed about fifty people hanging around in groups, casually talking, taking pictures or even smoking(!). That's quite a lot, considering it's 2am. That's not how social distancing works, twerps!

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Judging by the smell, it seems to be some pile of wood - reminds me of my mountain hiking days. Except for the size, of course, the fire maybe 10m in diameter. and a few meters tall.

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Whoa, I got awakened by crackling of a roaring fire just a few dozens of meters outside the window. Quite surreal. Made sure that the emergency services know about it (they already got it reported), and am now watching. It's not a big fire, but looks quite lively, and it's rather close to some parked cars and an apartment building.

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