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Just came back from a first trail run in my new Salomon S/LAB Ultra 2 shoes. Just 16km, but I can already tell that I'll love these shoes! :)

8: Going out of its way to make life harder for you:
Python3 binding for net-snmp not available? We're not giving you Python2 bindings for net-snmp either!

Looking through the list of known issues for RHEL8, I'd wait until at least 8.5 before trying to use it for something even remotely important.

Today I met, talked to, and most importantly ran together with a guy who finished several 200km trail ultra runs. I felt humble, yet motivated.

Dear , how can you do something as stupid as adding one of the most useful utilities, lshw, but only on certain architectures. I guess x86_64 does not deserve such goodness.

*shrugs* I guess I will keep it among my custom-built packages that I keep around for years because SLES seems to be allergic to useful utilities.

You know the modern web tech has gone too far when a tutorial for a popular javascript framework shows a simple example HTML snippet, and comments on it with "We’ll get to the funny XML-like tags soon."

Well, FWIW, here it is, framework added, plus a few proof-of-concept test cases: git.claws-mail.org/?p=claws.gi

Adding unit tests to a 20 years old C GUI application is quite fun! Although I wonder if I'll ever be able to untangle the more interesting bits of the code in order to be able to unit-test them too.

Yesterday I took my new Camelbak Dart out for a run for the first time, to find out whether it feels comfortable. And indeed it is - once you get used to the sound of water sloshing around in the reservoire. :)

Today I learned about a great and simple way to simulate network latency, packet loss, packet corruption, etc. on Linux - the "netem" traffic scheduler: wiki.linuxfoundation.org/netwo
And a neat wrapper script to make it even simpler: github.com/urbenlegend/netimpa
Very cool!

My rule #1 for surviving Mastodon: Block often and aggressively, and without remorse. there's too much noise out there. Especially block newsbots reposting article links.

What's up with all those delete<something> hashtags lately? Is it time for yet? :-P

Wow, lots of "cyber" attacks with custom-built malware on big corps in recent weeks. When will they learn that using all that expensive antimalware tools is just snake-oil, and can only protect reactively, IOW if you're not the first one to be hit by a particular strain?
Security is a process, not a bought product!

Yay, just when I thought I'd have to write my own module for handling kernel boot options in GRUB, I found github.com/bushvin/ansible-mod

Trying to embed a browser object in a widget on Windows -> loads of fun with two independent event loops stealing focus and input events from each other.☠

@jidtan Not sure it's worth following me, I just joined several minutes ago myself, and am still deciding whether or not it's all worth it. :)

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