I wonder if reuters.com scrapped their RSS feeds altogether, or just temporarily fucked up the feeds.reuters.com DNS record... I'm worried that it's the former.

If nothing else, this coronacrisis is turning me from evening runner into an early morning runner. And I am starting to like it.

Ooh, this is interesting - a promising way to speed up testing, reusing infrastructure left over from Human Genome Project and machine learning.


Site is currently being "hugged to death", so this description has to suffice in its place:

Anyone else getting a lot of spam on Jabber in last few days?

Or am I perhaps the last person with an active Jabber account, so I'm attracting all the spam robots? :)

Met a small wild boar on my morning run today. A very stoic guy, he didn't seem to be alarmed at my presence at all. Or perhaps he was a diva and loved being photographed. :)

WTF WHO? Get your geography right, Iran is not in "Eastern Mediterranean Region". Fix your situation report tables.

Today I learned that Firefox crashes on some pages (e.g. youtube playing a video) if there is not enough space in /dev/shm, _and_ the window is of at least a certain size.

Found that out while trying to make it work in a docker container. "--shm-size 2g" helped. So did making the Firefox window only about 200x200 pixels big.

The fire truck arrived a few minutes later, and now the fire is almost gone. Good job!

I also noticed about fifty people hanging around in groups, casually talking, taking pictures or even smoking(!). That's quite a lot, considering it's 2am. That's not how social distancing works, twerps!

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Judging by the smell, it seems to be some pile of wood - reminds me of my mountain hiking days. Except for the size, of course, the fire maybe 10m in diameter. and a few meters tall.

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Whoa, I got awakened by crackling of a roaring fire just a few dozens of meters outside the window. Quite surreal. Made sure that the emergency services know about it (they already got it reported), and am now watching. It's not a big fire, but looks quite lively, and it's rather close to some parked cars and an apartment building.

Are you now or have you ever been a super-spreader?

This has to be some sort of record - stopping&deallocating a VM took over 17 minutes, from a state where the OS was already previously shut down.

I don't know what black voodoo goes on in their datacenters, but for shame!

Huh, the TV series "The 100" has somehow managed to switch from post-apocalyptic setting to post-post-apocalyptic. I did not think that would be possible, but here it is. :)

So, today I tried for the first time video and audio calls through Matrix, and its android Riot.im client. Worked better than I expected, apart from possibly a small video codec issue, scrambling parts of the incoming image every now and then.

In MS Outlook, when you have a "delete message with this string in sender address" filter rule, such messages do get deleted, but not before they appear briefly in your Inbox, and Outlook's notification popup fires.

Question: Which product manager was on crack that day?
Answer: All of them.

The scifi series "The 100" is a very strange phenomenon. On one hand, I hate almost every minute of it - cliche after cliche, young adult pseudo-romantic crap continually stuffed where it does not belong, campy and lazily written dialogues, improbably bad character decisions - as bad movie tropes go, you name it, they've got it. But on the other hand, I can't stop watching it, and somehow ended up liking it as a whole, and being invested in it.

Very weird.

Today I learned that there seem to be no decent Linux desktop clients for Mastodon, just a few chromium-based monstrosities in various states of clunkiness and out-of-date-ness. I'm sad.

The upside is, I can put MS Teams back into a container, so that this Microsoft software is snugly isolated from my real system. Yay!

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Woo, today I finally figured out why audio calls sometimes do not work in Linux MS Teams. Turns out it's our corporate VPN blocking it somehow, and it works when connecting over the Internet.

Since the corporate VPN forces all the traffic through itself, I've had to devise a needlessly complicated iproute2 setup (involving bridging and veth interfaces), just to have traffic from the MS Teams process use its own routing table. Quite fun to figure out!

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