Today I learned that I should use a lot of emojis in github pull requests...

Sparkle sparkle, I don't want to live on this planet anymore, sparkle sparkle.

Woot, the OpenSSH bug I reported in August just got fixed, yay!

How I hate that feeling when I find a great job posting that I know I would enjoy, but am still quite happy at my current job...

Has anyone tried running the Linux version of Microsoft Teams in a container?

I can't get audio calls to work, despite correctly making host pulseaudio server available inside the container, and other audio apps seem to work in there.

The calls work when running Teams directly on the host, so it's definitely the something in the container isolation that's in the way...

Microsoft OneNote - probably the only text editor in which pressing Enter with the cursor in the middle of an URL opens that URL in your browser.

So, 55322 has me flabbergasted regarding case-sensitivity of header names - are they or are they not? It is not mentioned explicitly, and some parts of the RFC suggest yes, others suggest no. It's a mess.

I think I'm going with case-insensitive when parsing a message, and Properly-Capitalized when writing one out.

Lying in bed, reading - that's how a proper New Year's Eve looks like!

For a while now, I've been thinking of writing a app to view activities recorded on my Garmin watch. Today, I found , which is almost exactly what I wanted the app to be.

On the plus side, I do not have to write it from scratch.
On the minus side, I do not get to write it from scratch.

🎵 Dashing through the mud...🎶

Is this how a is supposed to look like? I don't think so... :)

Huh, I just learned how to upper/lowercase matched atoms in sed. Just prefix with \L, e.g. 's:\([A-Z]\)\([A-Z]*\):\1\L\2:' to change "THIS" into "This".

For simpler uses in shell, tr is probably still better, but this is invaluable when mass-editing code in vim.

@Lofenyy What about you, by the way? How is running treating you? Or you it. :)

I was hoping that the temp would go below zero today and I would get a nice frozen-forest run, but instead I got to run on mud, mud and more mud. It was awesome! :) I even got some mud splotches as high as my elbows.

I also got nice pics of low clouds over the Devín and Danube river, looking south at Austria.

Just finished a 26km run across wet and cold forests and meadows. Now it's time to doze off in a hot bath, then eat, and then tinker with C++ and Rust code the rest of the day. Perfect. :)

Go home, RSS generator, you're drunk:

<title>&lt;![CDATA[How to update Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with SMT 12 &amp;lt;div align=&amp;quot;left&amp;quot;&amp;gt; (7024143)]]&gt;</title>

Just came back from a first trail run in my new Salomon S/LAB Ultra 2 shoes. Just 16km, but I can already tell that I'll love these shoes! :)

8: Going out of its way to make life harder for you:
Python3 binding for net-snmp not available? We're not giving you Python2 bindings for net-snmp either!

Looking through the list of known issues for RHEL8, I'd wait until at least 8.5 before trying to use it for something even remotely important.

Today I met, talked to, and most importantly ran together with a guy who finished several 200km trail ultra runs. I felt humble, yet motivated.

Dear , how can you do something as stupid as adding one of the most useful utilities, lshw, but only on certain architectures. I guess x86_64 does not deserve such goodness.

*shrugs* I guess I will keep it among my custom-built packages that I keep around for years because SLES seems to be allergic to useful utilities.

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