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Tibike Ze Technology @tibike_m@mastodon.technology

this week there's a little event on tumblr going on called #backgroundblitz . here's day one from me. #digitalart #mastoart #conceptart

@ashfurrow is this a feature that if you don't use the account for a month or so the statuses for said user stop propagating and the home feed is wiped?

Probably there was a purge While I was gone and all the statuses are gone. The weird thing is that My notifications still have all the statuses.

Weird tahat my home directory is empty. On all my other accounts this does not happen.

Haven't been on this instance for quite a while.

*Me Takes out cloth*
*Hands cloth to you*
> Hey do you think it smells nice?
*Youz smells cloth*
> Does it resemble Chloroform to you?
*Youz passed out already*
> Gotta remember not to talk to passed out people
*Drags you into van...*
How to become a twisty puzzle collector:
> Get a Rubik's cube as a gift
> Solve it and learn the algorithms to get under 1 minute
> Get bored of it and get a different one
> Suddenly own a bunch of puzzles and just go donating blood for food to fund your expensive hobby...

> Shower thought:

Would Interplanetary internet be called interplaNet?

Also what are the technical difficulties of transmitting between planets besides the latency and the bandwidth? I'm guessing the communication protocols would have to be altered a bit(pun intended) or the messages batched on one end then dispatched between regular intervals.

Meh, just musings...

Since Google bought and ditched the modular phone company and stuff I haven't heard of a nice idea idea for modular computers until this:

> Me sitting down to learn erlang
*Thinks in his head: I've dabbled with fp this can't be that different...*

< Erlang Be like:

Time for some manifolds again...
It seems so simple yet so complicated...

twitter post: "I made an account on mastodon, same handle"
that's like "made an account on email, same handle"