We’re in Greece for #GUADEC2019. A beautiful—if a bit warm—day to get nerdy with GNOMIES.

The OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION is so lacking, I almost didn't believe this was a mature project. It only covers the basics, that's it.

XCB documentation is so sparse, I am now searching through other people's code in GitHub. Haven't done that in years.😆

having a minor panic attack as I read about how git realized five years ago that they needed to finally stop using sha1 but never actually did it

cool I've never received a single lone congratulation before

Interacted with a medical AI agent today for preliminary diagnosis, and to book a doctors appointment. The whole experience took only 2-3 mins, without any phone calls, or waiting in queue.

so we're over a decade into the systemd world, and people are still uncovering rotten roots like this twitter.com/FiloSottile/status

I feel like a lot of my work as a is containing and structuring the vastness of the libraries.

@OTheB I like how they envision the inner workings of HAL. So close to modern server rooms, but also so far away.

Damn allergies!
- Take the pill and feel like a zombie all day.
- Don't take the pill and have a cold for a month + the itching

Choices choices!

"Nobody but the dead know whether all these things people talk about are worth dying for or not."

@OTheB Same. It's crazy how it goes from a nice Sci-Fi movie to a filmed version of a Jackson Pollock picture.

He died as he lived. Waiting for `npm install`.

There should be a way to automatically report new accounts if they post within a second or two of being able to. A person is highly unlikely to do that if they aren't copying and pasting.

If all your Firefox plugins just got disabled, don't freak out. It's a known issue and Mozilla has a fix they're rolling out.

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