We’re in Greece for #GUADEC2019. A beautiful—if a bit warm—day to get nerdy with GNOMIES.

The OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION is so lacking, I almost didn't believe this was a mature project. It only covers the basics, that's it.

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XCB documentation is so sparse, I am now searching through other people's code in GitHub. Haven't done that in years.😆

having a minor panic attack as I read about how git realized five years ago that they needed to finally stop using sha1 but never actually did it

cool I've never received a single lone congratulation before

Interacted with a medical AI agent today for preliminary diagnosis, and to book a doctors appointment. The whole experience took only 2-3 mins, without any phone calls, or waiting in queue.

so we're over a decade into the systemd world, and people are still uncovering rotten roots like this twitter.com/FiloSottile/status

I feel like a lot of my work as a is containing and structuring the vastness of the libraries.

Damn allergies!
- Take the pill and feel like a zombie all day.
- Don't take the pill and have a cold for a month + the itching

Choices choices!

"Nobody but the dead know whether all these things people talk about are worth dying for or not."

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He died as he lived. Waiting for `npm install`.

There should be a way to automatically report new accounts if they post within a second or two of being able to. A person is highly unlikely to do that if they aren't copying and pasting.

If all your Firefox plugins just got disabled, don't freak out. It's a known issue and Mozilla has a fix they're rolling out.

(This just further reinforces my conviction that Linux ecosystem is just becoming too complex for even *distros* to maintain, let alone single users.)

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Use Signal. It's good. We use it for text and phone and video calls with family which is great cos it works all over the world regardless of what SIM card I've got in. Plus privacy and encryption and all tat good shit but it's such a no-brainer to use even my boomer relos can handle it.


Mind blown.

Also, I give up. I guess the browser _is_ the new OS. Now the question is, how can we make browser more like in terms of ergonomy, control and interoperability? Because it really sucks to have to click around, to have near-zero control over the computing environment and near-zero interop between various services.

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