It's sad to see drop support for images. My own website has run on a FreeBSD image there for almost 5 years.

I really hope they reconsider this in the future. I can't imagine DO "maintaining" support for FreeBSD has much overhead, so this move seems more political to me than technical.

If anyone here knows of *BSD hosting alternatives to what DO offered, please let me know.

Shame on you @digitalocean

@sir has now officially announced to the world (
I'm really excited to start using this! Thanks for all the hard work, Drew.

@stsp and I have released 0.69 and the -portable release at the same time. Plenty of nifty changes to be had -- see:

Been looking at recently for writing a Wayland compositor. It looks like a great language. Certainly some "improvement" over C.

Definitely lacking string support and regex support though. This suggests more hoops to jump through to solve what many programmers would already consider solved problems in other languages.

I'd love to help out with zig issues if appropriate!

0.68 and the -portable version have just been released. A few highlights:

@op has done a tremendous job at adding the `patch` sub-command.

The `-portable` version now has official support for a bunch of OSes (see: Thanks to all who helped test!

portable update: the `linux` branch now has support for NetBSD/DragonflyBSD/MacOS. Please go forth and test/break things so I can improve this. I'm also keen to work with downstream packagers as well.

Any users out there using -- please take a look at the 'netbsd' branch in the got-portable repo. External deps required to build are 'libuuid' and 'ncursesw'. Current ports version is 0.48 which is ancient, so am keen to make got-portable support NetBSD.

portable GoT-0.67 has been released. Same as GoT-0.67, except portable now has the Landlock API included. Offering similar functionality to unveil().

In parity with the got-0.65 release, I've also released the portable version of (

portable 0.62 has been released. Tracks GoT-0.62.

No portable-specific changes to mention.


Spent most of the weekend solving from The Guardian. This last one was themed around pasta!

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#gameoftrees 0.61 has been released


:flan_kraken1::flan_kraken2::flan_kraken3::flan_kraken4:​ New 'got merge' command to create merge commits (with 2 parent commits only)

:flan_mail:​ The 'got send' command has been fixed for trees which contain symlinks

:flan_confused:​ 'got rebase' and 'got histedit' now interrupt upon missing/unversioned/not-deleted files

:flan_boxes: Several fixes for better portability (an official -portable version now exists, since the 0.60 release)

portable 0.61 has been released. Tracks GoT-0.61 plus various portability fixes for Linux, porting all the regress/ tests, and unofficially compiles on FreeBSD. See:

I know I've been slow on updates. I'm still working on a new parser in . No guarantees of timescale. I also work on other projects...

I should point out that @stsp deserves a huge mention for how he's leading the GoT project. I'm thinking of introducing my team to this. @stsp has been awesome at tolerating my mistakes with -portable. It's a privilege to work on this project. No excuses! Go try it!

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Yeesh! The perils of phone typos and a lack of ability to edit posts. Utter fail! Sorry for the phone typos/autocorrect.

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Once I pull my finger out of my backside z I'll be submitted some patches to . Despite the name, this project is truly the best of both worlds between CVS/SVN and Git in terms of usability. I've worked with ppl who would benefit from this as approach. Go check it out!

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The #OpenBSD iwm #wifi driver has just made its first transmissions on a 40MHz channel.

Measured a peak of 190Mbps with tcpbench :flan_racer:

This is still in early stages. Configuring the device to use this feature was the easy part. Still need to implement switching the feature on and off when the access point changes its configuration, letting Tx rate selection pick the best channel width, showing the config in userland, and whatnot... :flan_think:

I'm on another marathon today. Currently enjoying Picaroon 28564 from The Guardian. Next up, Brummie's Prize crossword 28566.

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