@stsp @op @silby Excellent work! I'll find time this weekend for the -portable release!

@_xhr_ Thank you! I shall investigate that! At the moment I'm freeloading shell accounts from the tildeverse for a few things which feels wrong, but I can't continue to use DO either. So, thanks! :-)

It's sad to see drop support for images. My own website has run on a FreeBSD image there for almost 5 years.

I really hope they reconsider this in the future. I can't imagine DO "maintaining" support for FreeBSD has much overhead, so this move seems more political to me than technical.

If anyone here knows of *BSD hosting alternatives to what DO offered, please let me know.

Shame on you @digitalocean

@sir has now officially announced to the world (harelang.org/blog/2022-04-25-a).
I'm really excited to start using this! Thanks for all the hard work, Drew.

@stsp and I have released 0.69 and the -portable release at the same time. Plenty of nifty changes to be had -- see: gameoftrees.org/releases/CHANG

Been looking at recently for writing a Wayland compositor. It looks like a great language. Certainly some "improvement" over C.

Definitely lacking string support and regex support though. This suggests more hoops to jump through to solve what many programmers would already consider solved problems in other languages.

I'd love to help out with zig issues if appropriate!

0.68 and the -portable version have just been released. A few highlights:

@op has done a tremendous job at adding the `patch` sub-command.

The `-portable` version now has official support for a bunch of OSes (see: gameoftrees.org/portable.html). Thanks to all who helped test!

@ariel I don't think so right now. I'll try and look at this later on.

@encelado That's working for me on my NetBSD installation. Can you send me the configure log file (config.log), please? Feel free to email it to me if it's easier.

portable update: the `linux` branch now has support for NetBSD/DragonflyBSD/MacOS. Please go forth and test/break things so I can improve this. I'm also keen to work with downstream packagers as well.

@encelado Thanks. I've now merged all of this to the `linux` branch, so continue with that.

@encelado Sure! Please do, the more testing across platforms, the better!

Any users out there using -- please take a look at the 'netbsd' branch in the got-portable repo. External deps required to build are 'libuuid' and 'ncursesw'. Current ports version is 0.48 which is ancient, so am keen to make got-portable support NetBSD.

@stsp @meena OK, I now have this working. Please checkout the 'macos' branch in the got-portable repo and let me know how you get on. For a list of dependencies to install, see `.github/ci/before-install.sh`

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