A slightly paraphrased quote I really enjoyed from A Song of Ice and Fire:
> Memories are the bones of the soul.

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Hey everybody, I'm in the process of starting the data collection part of my thesis on Why people are Joining Mastodon. I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in an interview to share their experiences about their time on the platform. If you want to
participate or have any advice (which I really appreciate) please dm me. Thank you all very much!

I'm always amazed when I find interesting blog posts from, like, the late 1990s that are still hosted on someone's personal site. I barely knew the internet existed then, and my gut feeling is that everything from that era disappeared when AOL and Netscape died. But here it is in WhatsApp and Chrome.

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Which messengers do you use?

Count only those you actually use somewhat frequently for private/personal use.

Multiple choice poll, boosts and replies welcome.

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what's your favorite #selfhosted image gallery/management software?

I suddenly have hundreds of very old family photos that need to be scanned, organized, and shared with my family. I use #webtrees for my genealogy research but it's image-handling is not great

boosts appreciated!

Did anyone else read this blog on developer productivity (via hacker news). I thought it was super interesting. Applies to almost as much as software dev. Any folks have thoughts?
The vector sum productivity and "developer hertz" concepts really resonate(!) with me.

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Anybody has recommendations of websites to create events that could be used instead of Facebook?
The events are activist types, so marches, workshops, etc.

[boosts appreciated]

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FYI, there is an package called (cran.r-project.org/package=che). It does what the name says, which means it is an R package ( & ) that downloads cheatsheets. They are maintained by . Thus expect high quality cheatsheets.
More infos @ technistema.com/posts/announci

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trying to give away 17+ arduino UNOs and components(please boost) 

i used to work with intro cs education and amassed these small arduino kits we put together for a failed project. kits contain (full list below) an arduino uno, breadboard, jumpers, leds, resistors, etc. i've been carrying it around for a few years and want to give it away to people who would actually use it.

so im giving these away to anyone who wants them shipped. ideally i would give away the whole lot to someone, but if no one wants the whole lot i'm willing to ship out small individual packages. covering shipping costs is appreciated but if you can't that's okay.

please respond to this or dm me if you're interested in the whole lot or any smaller amounts!

- 24 small component bags
8 220Ohm resistors
4 200Ohm resistors
2 10kOhm resistors
4 LEDs: white, blue, green, red
1 laser diode (I can check details)
1 photoresistor (I can check details)
2 small push buttons

- 18 64x(?) jumper bundles
- 19 USB A to B cables
- 17 Arduino UNOs
- 20 medium breadboards

- 1 box of random cables, breadboards and jumpers of different kinds
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I'm seeing a surge recently on the official #BirdsiteLIVE instance, please keep in mind that this instance is a development node and also a temporary one, so things can go crazy, and will disappear on 1.0.0 release.

Also, since it's a very saturated instance (600% currently) it's great for me as it trigger interesting behaviors to debug, but not so great for users: data makes 6 times more time to get synchronized.

If you want to find an un-satured one, feel free to check one of those (...)

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Joining mastodon is a great time to establish new habits and a new information diet.

**However** - if there is someone only on Twitter that you really want in your feed, you can "bring them over" via birdsite.live.

Just search for @someusername@beta.birdsite.live replacing someusername with the person you want to bring over.

For me, I have a private News List that is made up of journalists, which I will recreate over here as well.

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I learned a lot this week. I learned about systemd, Postgres, and Sidekiq, but I also learned more about the boundary between what I do/don't know.

A Mastodon server is a complex thing and it needs to be understood in order to scale it up. You can't just throw money at this kind of problem because that won't work. I enjoy this learning process, but it can be stressful when the server is under heavy load 😅

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Not an original take, but you really don't realize how many ads you face on the "birdsite" until you've spent some time on . It's sooo nice not encountering sponsored and promoted stuff all the time.

So why is it that I can sometimes see the favorites-count on toots in my feed on the Android app? Doesn't seem to be this way in or the web interface (unless I open the toot directly). Any ideas?

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We have now collectively gained 112,413 monthly active users in the last few days, and 149,720 compared to the end of March. That's a 62% increase. Total now at 384K MAU across Mastodon.

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RT @BrendanWS90
I am about to get a lot more militant about being anti-car and I'm not even sorry about it. I have gone from "think how much better Boston could be with fewer cars" to "look what has been stolen from us by the automobile" in 8 hours. I have been radicalized by an e-bike.

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We are abolitionists fighting for the rights of unhoused people through mutual aid and direct action. Born out of Boulder DSA's direct action working group in 2019.

We feed our neighbors twice a week, provide survival gear to people without homes, and expose especially bad cops in so-called Boulder, Colorado.

You can learn more about our work, get involved, and donate on our shiny new website!


Another tip for migrating from the "birdsite":

Check out moa.party/ for simple cross-posting. This should help bridge the gap as you get followers to switch networks.
Ideally: post on masto and forward to twitter, not the other way around.

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Just a reminder to the other old timers around here: With the incoming flood of birdsite refugees, now is a great time to browse #introduction #introductions and #newhere for new people to help out.

Even if it's just replying or starring an interesting looking post, it gives new fediversians a starting place to find someone with similar intersts to start their timeline, and some followers to browse.

Lets use this opportunity to grow the #Fediverse we love by helping to get people comfy here!

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