I'm speaking at @triangirlsocial@twitter.com tonight and I'm so in love with the swag! Also a large choice of gluten free and veggie/vegan food options! πŸ’–

The latest xkcd alt text is basically how dev advocates are born. xkcd.com/2134/

[...Next time I go, I'm going to prepare a whole bunch of opinions that I'm sure are good, and make everyone sit quietly while I run through them.]

The Dior exhibition is absolutely, breathtakingly, stunning. *But* it was so sad overhearing so many 'Oh I need to lose weight', 'I could never pull that off', 'I wish I looked like that' conversations happening around me. I wish it were possible to stop these narratives.

TFW you wear heels out for the first time in forever and it is 5 minutes into the evening and your feet are on fire and you regret all of your decisions.

Look what arrived! A rainbow of some of the best company a girl could hope for! 😍

A brilliant friend of mine is working on a tool to help employers understand and track microaggressions and bias in the workplace and to empower their employees to report it.
inchorus.org/ Imagine having that tangible data!

Out of interest, male developer friends with 7+ years experience, do you get people on LinkedIn sending you starter salary jobs?

Continuing the fashion tips @bendechrai@twitter.com just gave me an @auth0@twitter.com manicure πŸ’…βœ¨

Envious of @bendechrai@twitter.com 's utility kilt on stsge @CodemotionIT@twitter.com. Need some of those pockets in my wedding dress!

It was such a pleasure to chat with @mnky@twitter.com, Itty and @neoeno@twitter.com on fulfilment in your career as a developer with @thoughtbot@twitter.com yesterday. They have some brilliant thoughts and experiences of how to nurture your career and that of those you manage. Hopefully a podcast to come soon!

I did the thing where I accidentally booked myself in for a speaking engagement every day for the next 8 days and I'm already exhausted even thinking about it. Whyyyyy do I forget how calendars work?!

'Guys' is not gender neutral, regardless of whether you've "asked a woman and she said it was ok". 'Guys' is not gender neutral, regardless of whether you've "asked a woman and she said it was ok". 'Guys' is not gender neutral, regardless of whether you've "asked a woman and s...

Me: I'm going to fit the kickboard on the bookshelves today.

Today is my last day with the @samsunginternet Dev Advocacy team :'( πŸš€ It's been such a treat to work with @torgo @diekus @Lady_Ada_King and @RedRoxProjects what an amazing bunch they are! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

TIL I've been typing the letter B with the wrong index finger all of my life. ("New" keyboard for a day because I've taken mine home, excuse manky photo).

Happy ! You should celebrate by applying for that job you've been eyeing but think you're not qualified for. You are.
If you're a mentor or manager of women encourage them to do so too! ✨

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