I've released the assets too github.com/thisisjofrank/train if you're in need of tamagotchi or train gifs they're all in there. SVGs, AIs, GIFs and PNGs. I'd love to see what you use them for!

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I made a TFL tamagotchi game where you get to take care of a tube station in realtime tamagotrain.glitch.me

and I wrote up about building it here: medium.com/@jofranchetti/build

It is on Glitch so you can see all the code and make it your own :)

Hey @NHSX@twitter.com, could you please add alt text to the images you tweet? Their content must be available to *everyone*!
RTs appreciated!

If you've been thinking of getting into IoT or wearable tech or building something using realtime data I've written up a guide to how I got started medium.com/@jofranchetti/getti I hope it opens a few gates! 💡👗✨

I crafted a cardboard cat castle. Long reign Princess Pickle (who doesn't understand castles). 🥒🐈🏰

TFW your ex messages you out of the blue especially to spoiler SheRa - but joke's on him, I already cried my eyes out 💖😭☺️

Thank you all so much @halfstackconf@twitter.com you've been bloomin' marvellous! Time to take this off my door and sleep! 💖💪🛌

Anyone spotted my special guest's appearance on the @halfstackconf@twitter.com online Q&A? Pickle is unimpressed by my interviewing skills.

Some people bake bread during lockdown, @david_whitney@twitter.com and I make panettone puns... pantone-panettone.glitch.me/

Do I know anyone who has used/tried enchroma (or similar) glasses for colourblindness? Would love to hear your experience/opinions.

TIL - Numeric separators in JS! github.com/tc39/proposal-numer. 10_000 so much more instantly readable than 10000!

Got a portrait of Pickle done by one of my fav illustrators @Moosekleenex@twitter.com 💖 I think she likes it! 🥒🐈🖌️

Thanks to everyone who listened to my IoT talk for ! The slides (with speaker notes and links to code) are here -> docs.google.com/presentation/d. I'll treasure this little message forever! 💖 ↓

Super excited to be speaking at programmedinpencil.com/ this evening about getting started with IoT wearables. See you there! 🌈

TFW that cute tweeting noise you've heard all day and assumed was birds nesting nearby turns out to be your hard drive. Pro'lly time to make sure everything is backed up... 🐦

Software engineers, got some time to give your opinions on the design and marketing of the tools you use?
💵£50 amazon vouchers for each participant
⏱️Ideally you’d be able to do 3 or 4 15-minute calls with my team @ablyrealtime@twitter.com over the next 6 weeks.
Let me know!

I don't know how long it is going to take my brain to learn that the share tweet button is no longer under the top right corner arrow but it certainly still hasn't happened yet.

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