I've been working on a fun demo recently... One player SpaceTeam! Can share the code next week πŸ’–πŸš€

Some brilliant points came up at last night's @QCLdn@twitter.com - It is entirely possible to feel impostor syndrome about impostor syndrome. 'These people I know to be excellent experience impostor syndrome therefore I can't be feeling it, I'm just a fraud'.

The Freight of your Life - a TV show for those with too many possessions. Guests watch as all of their stuff slowly trundles past.

Probably no need to dust for (paw) prints to find the perpetrator of this crime.

Just had to google "open link new tab" because I couldn't remember target=_blank. Hurr durr, how do I computer??

Someone just stole my phone by cycling past and snatching it and an absolute hero chased him and got it back and omg London is a wild ride sometimes. Feeling very shaky.

I made some generative op art based on realtime data op-art.glitch.me/ πŸ–ŒοΈ I kind of like the idea of having things in my house that give me data but are also beautiful.

I find the Whitechapel Mission announcements on the overground kinda offensive. 'Your donations will be used thoughtfully' - implying that if I give money directly to a homeless person they'll squander it somehow. Makes me cringe every time I hear it. 😬

We're short on coaches for tonight's @codebar@twitter.com at @makersacademy@twitter.com -> codebar.io/workshops/1633
Help get the year off to a fabulous start and help someone to learn to code! We need youπŸ’–

I'm just realising that 'Lessons learnt' in a CFP tells me absolutely nothing about what the talk is about. I know I've been guilty of using this phrase in my talk descriptions, but if you use it too, please expand further so that I know, as a reviewer, what your talk will cover!

Another year, another incredible @gdcfpday@twitter.com! I'm always blown away by the energy and brilliance of everyone who attends and so excited to hear the talks that come out of the day. Well done London chapter, you are an inspiration!

More adventures in make-up. Fireworks eyeshadow for NYE.

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