A friend of mine who is a woman of colour recently left a job where she had a racist, sexist, asswipe of a boss. She was the only woman (apart from his wife who was HR) at the startup. He refused to look at her work but told her she'd done it wrong, made her book team outings...

Runnin in the rain πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸŽΆπŸŒ§οΈ

In 15 mins I'll be speaking about Impostor Syndrome, Perfectionism and Anxiety and Learning to be kind to yourself on Inclusive Design 24. Catch the livestream here youtu.be/oQAUnR-LRYo

So sad to be missing @viewsourceconf@twitter.com. Going to attend vicariously through all the tweets! Keep em coming! πŸ’–

Learning about localisation from @elibelly@twitter.com at . "Always let the user choose their own locale". There are lots of helpful standards and libraries in various languages and frameworks. Don't forget that localisation is part of accessibility.

St Louis really pulled out all the stops last night. Food market, harvest moon under the arch, beautiful sunset and bearable temperature! [Pics show deep fried ravioli (super yum!) and a wine slushie (not great!)]

The always inspiring @stephaniecodes@twitter.com lighting up the room @strangeloop_stl@twitter.com. Talk about your wearable tech, she's literally coated in it!

Being an awkward Londoner I've always found the overly friendly/chatty American manners to be uncomfortable and fake feeling, but the people and staff in Missouri who've chatted to me have made travelling alone much less lonely and scary. Thanks St Louis πŸ’–

Went to watch @burningheartsfe@twitter.com feminist wrestling last night. So much fun! Did my eye makeup to match the magnificent Daisy Mayhem.

A friend of mine used to buy ripped off movies on DVD which occasionally had subtitling so bad that it was hilarious. My absolute favourite was this one from Troy (2004). The line was:
Odysseus: "We're sending the biggest fleet that ever sailed."

Bought Pickle a cooling mat for the hot weather. Hates it.

Another wholesome Crafternoon with @de_velopment@twitter.com I made a flowery thing out of felt.

TFW you spend the last 10 minutes of your therapy session gushing with your therapist over eyeshadow pallettes.

Going to the 40th Birthday party of someone who likes hiking and music. Iced some more cakes

I'm currently taking some time off work to recover from burnout. I'd apologize to anyone who follows me for tech content and not cats and rainbows (if there are such people), but can't be sorry. There will be tech again, but for now I am mostly doing brain recovery.

New hair! Thanks to Matthew @ instagram.com/rushhairdalston. Transformation into a My Little Pony going well. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„βœ¨πŸ’–

I'm so unfit I think I just pulled a muscle trying on shapewear...

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