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@ayushsharma22 These days mostly TerraTech (real life lego is expensive) and Rimworld. There's plenty out there with good story out there depending on what you're interested in.

Anyone checking out 's decentralised web course?

@Basix Depends what you're trying to do with it? The common tasks are handled pretty well and the main draw of nginx over say, Apache is that it can handle large volumes more efficiently.

@novaphoenix I still consider 7 the best version of Windows. 10 would be there if MS didn't shove "telemetry" and updates down your throat, among other annoying things. they've done with the system.


Since we've now learned 's devs would rather use the deprecated ShadowDOM v0 API out of laziness (and Firefox wasn't by default until it was ready), be sure to toggle "dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled" to true in your about:config for 's layout to load faster.

For more info, check the discussion and thread.

Also hashtag spam to try and spread this out a bit.

@ScribbleAddict Enjoy! It's part of the warmups for r/bodyweightfitness' recommended routine which includes some exercises that stress the wrist area somewhat so it's good overall.

@ScribbleAddict Are you doing any specific routines? I find this wrist prep video to be pretty good:

Ha, making a giant wishlist for apartment stuff is fun. I mean, aside the fact that I'll end up spending a ton of money.

@gamingonlinux How was that not a thing before? Makes me glad I didn't bother buying it for the exorbitant price and mixed reception.

@tellio I'm sure that sub would have it haha. It' has become quite active in the last few months as far as I've seen.

@tellio r/powerwashingporn has some videos for that would be right up your alley

Honey mustard pork chops, pumpkin and carrot with "Cowboy Caviar" from Budget Bytes. Really good flavour!

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Who here follows The Good Country? Thoughts on the latest email and the idea of it establishing it's own nation of sorts? I'm certainly intrigued.

@bugaevc Understandable. I think it's still relevant to mention even if it's not entirely decentralized (the hierarchy of management is at least, and it is FOSS). Well, maybe we should build an ActivityPub link sharing site then?

@bugaevc Raddle is a project like that for Reddit that I saw. for HN I haven't found anything.

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@uliwitness For maintainability I'd add that this should be documented.

Simple example: On a current project of mine the client requested a model be renamed on all the views, so now in the code it is named one thing and in the views a more specific synonym of that. Kept the code as-is and did find-replace on the views. Main reason was to keep this generic in case of further modification, even it's an easy change.

@pea Consider it a price of entry I suppose. There's always time for refactoring later down the line too.