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@Flockademic I read in a quote on r/dockio from a Medium article, regarding GDPR compliance and "the right to be forgotten". Essentially they believe to be compliant in being able to "remove" the data by deleting the public/private keys so that it can't be accessed anymore on IPFS. I might be misremembering the specifics though.

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GIMP is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

So, how has started to affect businesses? I have seen several sites change their privacy policy.

@georgeisbusting At least the showrunners have said the current a season won't end on a cliffhanger. Current best bet to be picked up is Amazon since Netflix really wants full distribution rights.

really likes shooting themselves in the foot, don't they? Constantly cancelling good shows like and then wondering why they keep failing.

@Linux Ha, I just spent an hour getting my mod house in order for my OpenMW install!

@g Yeah, that's good! I don't blog that regularly and I wanted to learn using Grav CMS, so that's what is on my site.

@g Good work, nice and clean site. I finally updated the CSS on mine the other day. Best of luck!

I urge all my Mastodon friends of to comment on gov's proposed constitutional amendment of land expropriation without compensation.

Comments must be submitted by May 31st. Inaction will be considered as tacit agreement to the proposition. If this passes, government will not only have more authoritarian power, but will be able to line their corrupt pockets more and drive the economy over a cliff.

Who will invest when their investment can be stolen?

I still haven't gotten around to writing any new blog posts, but I did finally update the site CSS a tiiiiiny bit ๐Ÿ˜… Changed it from the default Medium green-white to a dark theme.

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@valeyard1 Welcome! This particular instance is .technology after all, so there are techies here yes. But there are plenty of other instances you can interact with centered around other topics. They're all federated, so it's not like you're walled in if you decide to stay with us here instead of hopping elsewhere :)

In your account settings you'll see an option to help migrate your account to another instance if you choose to do so.

Anyone using the new yet? How is it? Considering switching to it from Linux Mint.

Just got a card from my coworker. Much needed upgrade from a GTS 250 to a 750 Ti!

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