@WelshPixie 🖐️ Yep yep. I need to explore the area more.

My one colleagues actually lives near your side. Maaassive traffic every day to get to our office in town :P

You're as good as local. You've been here longer than me!

I gave my first developer talk tonight. Lots of fun, got the adrenaline pumping. And got some local developer merchandise as a reward :)

Did some bouldering last night for the first time with a colleague who is a regular. Lots of fun! Though I hurt my foot on my last landing so I'm probably out of commission for the rest of the weekend.

Made some minor website changes to my personal site and a short recap post on what I've been up to this year. Next week I'll be posting about Grav CMS and how darn neat it is.


@da I've also gained weight in the last year (already lost a bit of it) so I discovered I now own some "plumper" cheeks and can make a double chin easily.

@adz True, I wasn't really considering non-free ones just for testing. It seems to be doing the job for now, so thanks!

@adz I don't have access to one right now but I'll keep it in mind.

Anyone know of a way to bypass "connection closed" browsing errors when it's something on my connection? Since switching my internet package to a different backbone some sites won't load unless I spam F5 a few times.FF stays blank, Chrome says connection closed.

Tried changing DNS already and my ISP is aware of the issue, but this is pretty damn annoying.

@xeonsquared You ever see that 3 hour documentary on youtube debunking a good chunk of the BS on the show? At some point he just gives up and essentially says "yeah there's still a ton more crap they said that would take even longer to refute"

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