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So I just had my graduation ceremony. Got most distinctions (above 75% grades) of my class and an award for top achiever overall.

PLOT TWIST I didn't know I'd be getting any award and was told we were free to leave if we wanted, so I missed out on the award ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'll go pick it up sometime in the week.

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GIMP is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

So, how has started to affect businesses? I have seen several sites change their privacy policy.

really likes shooting themselves in the foot, don't they? Constantly cancelling good shows like and then wondering why they keep failing.

I urge all my Mastodon friends of to comment on gov's proposed constitutional amendment of land expropriation without compensation.

Comments must be submitted by May 31st. Inaction will be considered as tacit agreement to the proposition. If this passes, government will not only have more authoritarian power, but will be able to line their corrupt pockets more and drive the economy over a cliff.

Who will invest when their investment can be stolen?

I still haven't gotten around to writing any new blog posts, but I did finally update the site CSS a tiiiiiny bit ๐Ÿ˜… Changed it from the default Medium green-white to a dark theme.

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Anyone using the new yet? How is it? Considering switching to it from Linux Mint.

Just got a card from my coworker. Much needed upgrade from a GTS 250 to a 750 Ti!

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I know winter had begun because that's the only time of year when the trains DON'T have the lights on inside at 6am when it's still night.

Geez... what doesn't do? Got the homestead vagrant box set up and running with relative ease compared to last week's issues.

Hating PHP might be a meme but honestly this framework is sooooo good.

I woke up at 4am to get the season 2 premiere. Probably won't even watch it until I get home. Please no spoilers !

The bus strike is still ongoing. Every year there's a strike of some sort because nobody in this country wants to pay people what they're worth. Workers demanding 12% pay increase, employers offer 7% with inflation hovering around 4%, so in actuality it's a 3% raise. What nonsense is this? There's are many reasons the majority of the is still in poverty, and this is a big one.

Even the newly added minimum wage for cleaners is ~$300 a month and many employers aren't paying even that.

When were themes added to Mastodon? This is great!

I've seen a fair few profiles with links in. How is it for you guys? I might want to try it out. Looks like a mix of a chat client and social network. I also want to know what their business model is since I can't see any sort of pricing on the website for the service.

Anyone here have experience with stack? is giving me some trouble. I have an Ubuntu VM set up that I want to do personal dev work on but nginx gives me 502 errors on every single page that isn't an index on the default site I set.

I originally tried using a vagrant setup but after 2 nights of NFS failing to mount every damn time (and trying every fix I ever found online), I gave up on that.

The frontend JS environment is so damn convoluted. I now have to try and figure out why after getting node_modules setup on a project for my assets and gulp, a specific chunk of JS code is missing despite the library it's from not being updated.