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So I just had my graduation ceremony. Got most distinctions (above 75% grades) of my class and an award for top achiever overall.

PLOT TWIST I didn't know I'd be getting any award and was told we were free to leave if we wanted, so I missed out on the award 😂 I'll go pick it up sometime in the week.

@petercoffin Interesting channel! And yeah, welcome back to Mastodon

Χαιρετίσματα Μαστοδόντια

Anyone checking out 's decentralised web course?


Since we've now learned 's devs would rather use the deprecated ShadowDOM v0 API out of laziness (and Firefox wasn't by default until it was ready), be sure to toggle "dom.webcomponents.shadowdom.enabled" to true in your about:config for 's layout to load faster.

For more info, check the discussion and thread.

Also hashtag spam to try and spread this out a bit.

Ha, making a giant wishlist for apartment stuff is fun. I mean, aside the fact that I'll end up spending a ton of money.

Honey mustard pork chops, pumpkin and carrot with "Cowboy Caviar" from Budget Bytes. Really good flavour!

Who here follows The Good Country? Thoughts on the latest email and the idea of it establishing it's own nation of sorts? I'm certainly intrigued.

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People panhandling here (via librepay or whatever) is like a weird real life Sims. I pay your netflix or buy you potato salad for the week and then what, watch how you react? I really don't get this.

I decked out my setup yesterday with a custom theme and a matching color scheme on the 'Air for Steam' skin. It's so nice and sleek now, love it!

For quite a while I wasn't convinced since I had the odd crash when I had some games open, but I think I'll stick to Cinnamon as my DE.

My only gripe is that some unstyled text inputs on the web use the default DE theme background color, but the input text isn't changed. So now I have a dark blue input with black text I can't see!

What do people think of the new redesign? I like it so far, but it's still far from ready. I also prefer the collapsible sidebar they had until last week rather than the dropdown for navigation.

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Please remember to CW your political bullshit, so the rest of us can ignore it. Thank you.

Some much needed heavy rain in ! According to the city we're out of the drought woods at least for the next year (assuming usage stays low enough) but more is always good. I had to cajole my girlfriend's dog out of the dog house for 5 minutes before she became brave enough to walk for 2 metres to the front door.

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Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


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if it still works aint no point throwing it out yet

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@thecapegreek I've been playing this recently too. I spend an inordinate amount of time playing each level to squeeze every moment out of it.

Just finished the main story of Mankind Divided. Gameplay wise I really liked the new stealth options, but they did make the game a fair bit easier. Story wise I get people's complaints that it ends somewhat abruptly, but lengthwise I've put more time into this playthrough than Human Revolution. Onto the DLC!

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60% of men agreed that society puts pressure on men in a way that is unhealthy or bad, according to a nationwide su…
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And so the fun begins: merge request approvals are not part of GitLab CE, but only available for paid customers.