So, I should get back into Mastodon.

He says after months of no activity.

Oh wow, I've been missing on Mastodon for ages. What's new?

QT is garbage because installations break at a moment's notice

Fite me

So my keyboard has started not working whenever I boot unless I unplug it and replug it in. Fun times! Can't tell if it's a Mint issue (my 18.2 install seems to be very buggy) or something else I've poked at recently.

Haven't been on here in a bit! Happy new year to all. Back to reality and work for me.

It's been a good week. Got my driver's license on Monday, went to the doctor on Tuesday, and got my glasses repaired yesterday. Money flies when you aren't paying attention.

I gave my first developer talk tonight. Lots of fun, got the adrenaline pumping. And got some local developer merchandise as a reward :)

Did some bouldering last night for the first time with a colleague who is a regular. Lots of fun! Though I hurt my foot on my last landing so I'm probably out of commission for the rest of the weekend.

Made some minor website changes to my personal site and a short recap post on what I've been up to this year. Next week I'll be posting about Grav CMS and how darn neat it is.

Anyone know of a way to bypass "connection closed" browsing errors when it's something on my connection? Since switching my internet package to a different backbone some sites won't load unless I spam F5 a few times.FF stays blank, Chrome says connection closed.

Tried changing DNS already and my ISP is aware of the issue, but this is pretty damn annoying.

So is gearing up to try and be an actual force in the modern world. I look forward to the attempt. Check it out if you have time.

Euroskepticism is gaining more and more merit the more EU bureaucrats mess everything up.

At the core I agree with EU values, but increasing the censorship machine is a very fundamental issue. The real problem isn't even the link tax or content filter; it's that this enables more and more egregious legislation for censorship by setting a precedent.

My aesthetic is listening to eurobeat while playing racing games

Wow money flies when moving into a new place. I've spent half my savings on household stuff in the past 7 days, including a washing machine just now.

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