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Anyone here who can point me to some good places to buy local handloom/handicraft products in Sikkim. Visiting next week.

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Boeing to pay $200m over charges it misled investors following fatal 737 MAX crashes

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Surreal. No piece of media had me hooked like Serial season 1.
Good to see it's impact being felt years later too

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@mostlyUnavbl @championswimmer There are usually multiple tracks happening at the same time, so you can walk into or out of any track to other. It's also not just about tech. Talk about anything from design, games, life, culture, nature, world, current affairs, life hacks, etc etc.

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@mostlyUnavbl @championswimmer You're welcome to share anything you think others maybe interested in. And if you are not interested in a session, you're encouraged to walk out of a session. We call it the law of two feet.

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@mostlyUnavbl @championswimmer This has some answers.

Barcamp is an event organized around the world by an international community. It described as an unconference. As in there is no fixed agenda. It's not supposed to be one person talking and others sitting quietly.

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आरोप लगा है कि शराब के नशे में धुत होने के चलते पंजाब CM को लुफ्तान्सा एयरलाइन ने अपने एक विमान से उतार दिया था. शिरोमणि अकाली दल (SAD) के अध्यक्ष सुखबीर सिंह बादल ने इसे लेकर और AAP से सफाई मांगी है. वहीं, ने इस आरोप को खारिज किया है.

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Intelligence, Accuracy and Integrity are not your competencies. So, don't try. In case you have at least a pea brain, please understand why Adani's position is scary. Intelligence is in detecting possible bankruptcies and not waiting for one to happen.

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Punjab CM deplaned from Lufthansa flight for being ‘drunk’, delays flight by 4 hours


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We're looking for sponsors for the next Barcamp happening on Nov 5, 2022. Reach out if you're interested, or share/retweet? Details & deck at

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PM Modi took over the Chairmanship of SCO during the recently held Summit at Samarkand on 15-16th September.

As a gift to PM on his Birthday, China presented a map of SCO’s member states with Arunachal Pradesh & Ladakh depicted as part of China and Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

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