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Could have been Bellandur a few days ago @peakbengaluru
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Incredible India 🇮🇳!

the most beautiful water highway

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Oh, this is hilarious! And will result in a massive vein of comedy godl. Lets explain this for normal people...

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As the cheetahs arrive today at Kuno National Park from Namibia, sharing an article I had written in the Economic Times of July 30th that gives the history of why and how today's event was made possible.

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Maruti Suzuki Chairman RC Bhargava: Electric Cars will not become a major product in India

@anandmahindra, Maruti's moment?

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We're looking for sponsors for the next Barcamp happening on Nov 5, 2022. Reach out if you're interested, or share/retweet? Details & deck at

One more lane will solve the problem
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A 10-20 lane road at Gurgaon entering Delhi. This is how it is every weekday.
For a 8-10km stretch.

Have crossed half a dozen ambulances trying to make their way through this.

How are you as a leader not embracing remote / flexible work for at least a chunk of your teams?!

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@vertigo @the100rabh i think the most interesting thing the article highlights is that the cost isn't going in GC (which is negligible); it's the actual allocation where the time is being spent. which is fascinating, given that the whole raison d'etre of the Azul memory manager is to always do allocation by just incrementing a pointer...

i can only assume that the knock-on effects of continually cycling through new objects are screwing up the cacheing - a new object is necessarily not likely to be in the cache already, and something will have to be evicted to make room for it; whereas if you're reusing an object it's more or less guaranteed to already have booked its space in the cache

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British Empire was the most evil thing to happen to this planet.

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I think @twitter ought to have an option for something to press when you can’t respond without losing your cool. For now I will content myself with😡 🤬

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If the BBMP/BDA/other concerned Govt office bearers who signed on these approvals are not dismissed/punished then please stop this drama @CMofKarnataka . Make an example that bribe takers and givers are both punished.

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@vertigo @the100rabh Also as someone who's made games in Java, you can still be OOP all the way down, just pre-allocate things and return them to a dead object pool when you're done.

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@the100rabh Not to apologize for Java, but this article just confirms what's been known in the embedded programming space since basically forever: if you can, avoid dynamic allocations at all costs, and use pools of objects/records of you can't. This isn't just an OO or Java issue, it also affects C/C++, Rust, Modula-2, etc.

Who called these smart glasses and not glarified headphones
Ambrane ‘Glares’ Smart glasses with hands-free calling launched for Rs. 4999

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“the cleaning of solar panels in this plant would require on an average 4.7 to 7.2 crore litres of water fortnightly”

This, in the acutely water-deficient taluk of Pavagada.

The gains from solar energy may be global, but its pains are entirely local.

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