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How the Big Tech hiring market has changed in just 5 months.

I notice a trend.

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Excited to launch a Quantum Virtual Machine which emulates the experience and results of programming one of our quantum computers. It will make it easier for researchers to prototype new algorithms and help students learn how to program a quantum computer.

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Coinbase now treats our company worse than banks. Asking for explanation of legitimate IP activity from multiple countries and why no activity from US even though we are a US company. Ever heard of remote and distributed teams incorporated in US? 🤷

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Four and half years ago, I wrote about the fantastic Jaina site at Aretippur near Mandya which was still being excavated then. Here I learnt how the term "scientific clearance" is used instead of excavation to escape unnecessary scrutiny from superiors.

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musk, the onion, delightful misinfo 

"Elon Musk Tries To Back Out Of Twitter Deal By Deleting App From Phone"

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India's population will be same in 2030 and 2100. But age demographics will change.

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An Indian government program guarantees at least 100 days of paid employment every year to adults across rural India. But its poorly designed app can be nearly unusable, threatening the livelihood of millions

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"Grilled cheese is a pizza that rerolled its stats" - @SuricrasiaOnline

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1st-gen Surface Pro X has a 'SQ1' SoC, which is a Microsoft-customized Qualcomm 8cx, IIRC.

8 cores (4 performance, 4 efficiency). I got it configured with the max 16 GiB RAM, so in both respects it mirrors my M1 MacBook Air..

It's not half bad, but the Apple processors leave it in the dust for throughput.

Throttles down from 3.0 to 2.35 GHz under heavy load, like a compile; as a tablet, it has no active cooling. Back is warm to the touch, not too hot.

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Last month, Germany introduced a €9 monthly pass for unlimited travel on all buses, trams, subways and regional trains.

A preliminary analysis has found a clear decrease in car congestion, resulting in improved driving times in 23 of 26 cities examined.

"We believe that it is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by baking, drying or heating ice cream"


Very interesting approach to storing hydrogen in films which can be released when laser falls on them. Interesting alternative to battery and relatively safer way to store hydrogen.

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