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⚠️We already know what the consequences of building the Metro car shed in Aarey🌳 so close to the Mithi river by concretizing the land, loss of the soil's water retention- even more flooding in a drowning Mumbai. Stop the madness!

Oh yes, this is investigative journalism and not paid propaganda

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How the Big Tech hiring market has changed in just 5 months.

I notice a trend.

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India's population will be same in 2030 and 2100. But age demographics will change.

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Last month, Germany introduced a €9 monthly pass for unlimited travel on all buses, trams, subways and regional trains.

A preliminary analysis has found a clear decrease in car congestion, resulting in improved driving times in 23 of 26 cities examined.


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After heavy rains waterfalls of Karnataka flowing in full glory

'Karnataka One State Many Worlds'
Come fall in ♥️

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वैभव-विलास की चाह नहीं,
अपनी कोई परवाह नहीं।

hahaha @bigbasket_com is acting like IRCTC now. BTW its not 2am yet 😂

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