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After heavy rains waterfalls of Karnataka flowing in full glory

'Karnataka One State Many Worlds'
Come fall in ♥️

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"An average person in Nigeria uses about half as much electricity in a year as a U.S. high-definition television." twitter.com/dwallacewells/stat

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वैभव-विलास की चाह नहीं,
अपनी कोई परवाह नहीं।

hahaha @bigbasket_com is acting like IRCTC now. BTW its not 2am yet 😂

At Bangalore airport @IndiGo6E is swapping gate numbers from 12 to 28 to 12 to 18 for its flight like Indian Railways does for platforms and people should just keep running. Best is their wheelchair staff who are nowhere to be seen.

Will be very funny if he forms a government with NCP after all this
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Hours after declared rebel Shiv Sena leader as CM & decided to stay out of the state Cabinet, Amit Shah took to Twitter to declare that Fadnavis will become the Deputy CM. | Toon by @MANJULtoons


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lol for one of my projects, an employee at @EpicGames emailed me this questionnaire with over 100 questions and wants me to fill it out so *they* can use my freely available open source software.


That proverb is so very true
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The Supreme Court gutted the Environmental Protection Agency today.

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A good way of cutting through judicial rhetoric is to ask: is the result of this going to be an expansion of State power, especially in the domain of criminal law, against individuals?

If the answer is “yes”, be extremely wary. twitter.com/gautambhatia88/sta

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🚨 Intuit to stop offering QuickBooks Online products in India from January 2023

The company however says this will not impact its presence in India where it has over 1,300 employees

moneycontrol.com/news/technolo w/ @chandrarsrikant

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Everytime something crazy happens you realise Jaspal Bhatti made a video about it ages ago. Then you realise whatever is happening is nothing new. People are different but everything else remains the same.

It's just 4pm and I am already drained out. It's one of those days which just keeps getting longer than shorter.

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TikTok is not just another video app.
That’s the sheep’s clothing.

It harvests swaths of sensitive data that new reports show are being accessed in Beijing.

I’ve called on @Apple & @Google to remove TikTok from their app stores for its pattern of surreptitious data practices.

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Here's what Delhi police is acting on:

- An anonymous account is created in Oct 2021.

- Puts out a single tweet in Jun 2022 complaining that Zubair has insulted Hindus.

- The "hurtful" Tweet is from Mar 2018.

- The screenshot in Zubair's tweet is from a 1983 move.

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