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The headline says "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" and my brain reads "Windows 10 fails creators in Update"...

The first try for updating the Intel Management Engine (ME) is now included in BIOS Sledgehammer (, I will try on Monday if this works and if so, include the necessary settings files for all 24 models it supports out-of-the-box.

Cry for help: Is here somebody that could run the [Intel-SA-00079 detection tool]( on an AMD system please? I'm creating a script to update the ME firmware for the Intel [AMT issue]( and have no idea what it generates when using a non-Intel system. Thanks in advance!

Our three day workshop for Windows 1703 was a success. We now have a combined Wipe&Load and Upgrade Task Sequence that reuses the same driver base. Plus, for the upgrade path we are able to change devices from BIOS legacy (MBR) to UEFI native (GPT) during the in-place upgrade. MBR2GPT.exe is one of the rare cases where a Microsoft tool "just work".

Pushed first commit for v2.46 of BIOS Sledgehammer. Hopefully this will resolve the issues with the 6.41 TPM firmware for factory downgraded TPMs.

I created a PowerShell script to export the issues from a GitHub repo to a CSV file:
Yes, I know there are many scripts for this in Python, but I just don't want to have a pet snake right now.

Continued to work with Kirby for my new website. I still have issues understanding what the best way to do somthing is. Custom Kirbytext or Snippet or directly editing the template...

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