I bought the Moto G4+ to have a cheap device (~150€) to play around with but it turned out to be one of the best device I ever tried. Pure standby time at about 6 days, good performance and MicroSD support. Just the boot loader unlock process sucks.

@texhex I have a Moto X Play 2014 and you bet I will stick with Motorola for my next phone!

@fdgonthier @texhex
Got an G4+ last month, and it works like a charm. It works so well I really don't know why people pay 5x money for "flagship" phones 🤷

@jon_valdes @fdgonthier I like my G4+ also, but to be honest: The camera fails in low-light situations so it disqualifies itself for a lot of people. I'm looking at you instagram ;).

@fdgonthier It also supports LineageOS ("Lux") but although it shares a lot of hardware (SD 615 vs. 617) with the G4+, it costs ~250€ Euro so it was outside my range. Are you on stock or also on ?

@texhex I know it's a bit fancier but I handled a few Moto Gs and I know I would have been just as happy as with my current phone. I didn't put Lineage OS on it yet because the stock has been updated to 7.1 which is recent enough to my taste. Will seriously consider Lineage when they're at Oreo for my phone.

@texhex I have to add that the stock ROM is also pretty unencumbered and almost standard AOSP.

@fdgonthier Good to know, thanks. If you ever make the switch to LOS, please let me know if the camera still perform as good as on stock. I have seen some reports that with LOS the camera isn't as good as on stock.

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