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What is in my keyring:
- YubiKey
- OTP for bank
- USB drive
- GPS tracker

What is *not* in my keyring:
- Key.

In case you are using and need to deal with data, you might want to check my module SQLSimplePS - github.com/texhex/SQLSimplePS.

It allows, among other things, commands like [SQLSimple]::Query("SELECT * FROM dbo.TestTable", $connectionString) which returns a hash table.

I also thought the property names I choose are way too long. But then I came across this gem from docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotne


I think it's a clear indication that you server code needs work when testing it with cURL returns this:

curl: (26) read function returned funny value

How good is Visual Studio Code compared to PowerShell ISE?

It's "I released a new version of my personal PowerShell module because working with VS Code is fun" good.

From the [Factorio Wiki](wiki.factorio.com/Production_s):

The timescale can be set to 5 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 10 hours, or 50 hours.

If you are a new player, you might find the idea of playing a single factory for 50 hours ridiculous. **You'll change your mind soon enough.**

Sehr geehrte Mitbürger!
Bitte retten Sie weitere User von Twitter auf das auch wir die 20.000 Benutzer schaffen.


Source: dashboards.mnm.social/dashboar

Step 1: Make ice tea and name your company "Long Island Iced Tea Corporation"
Step 2: Rename it to ""Long Blockchain Corporation"
Step 3: Profit (+200% stock price)
Step 4: ???


I swear, the DI.FM Nu Disco channel is playing Take That. Which year is it?

I learned today the hard way that the [InstallDelete] section in fails silently for locked files. No error, no message. If the file is locked, Inno just ignores the delete command.

I replaced it with a Pascal Scripting section that use FileDelete or MoveFileEx: github.com/source-foundry/Hack

I bought the Moto G4+ to have a cheap device (~150€) to play around with but it turned out to be one of the best device I ever tried. Pure standby time at about 6 days, good performance and MicroSD support. Just the boot loader unlock process sucks.

At least in one cut scene, Assassins Creed Origins becomes Unity... mastodon.technology/media/WWSX

Shadow of War game files are 65 GB in total.

Mordor seems to be huge place.

The Sexy Brutale is one of the best adventures I have ever played and also puts in some pun from time to time.


Fighting with Cloudevo here. Old version had a bug, so my could drive was missing, new major version fixes that but is not compatible with the old version. So I need to install the old version to a secondary computer and then transfer the files. Is this 2005?

So I purchased a VPN service just to watch Rick and Morty. What a time to be alive.

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Ticket: "Warnings, Using self-signed cert with weak hash algo."

Closed: "Resolved, disabled checks for hash algo."


Version 3.0.4 of BIOS Sledgehammer just went live, now with 29 model examples. All of them with the necessary ME files to patch INTEL-SA-00075.

If you are responsible for a fleet of HP devices, and want to update the Intel Management Engine (ME) firmware because of the INTEL-SA-00075 / CVE-2017-5689 / HPSBHF03557 security issue: BIOS Sledgehammer 3.0.3 is now available and can be used for ME updates (beside BIOS and TPM updates it already supports). It’s Apache 2 licensed. github.com/texhex/BiosSledgeha

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Nofftopia is connected to 167 instances. Use to be over 600, but we had a glitch. It would be extremely rad if y'all could boost this and help get Nofftopia reconnected to the federation! 🍻