The documentation installing 16 to the Moto Z2 Force needs some minor updates, but in general, the process was a breeze. It took longer to initially charge the Z2 then to go through the entire fastboot, oem unlock, adb sideload process.

For once, this headline actually sums up the article quite well:

There are two Captain Marvels — this is the amazing story of why:

Everytime I start this game, I read "TRIALS PISING"... I'm getting old.

"Les Turcs dehors!
Les Polonais dehors!
Les Russes dehors!
Les Marocains dehors!
Les Africains dehors!
Les Asiatiques dehors!
Les Allemands dehors!
Tous dehors!
Il fait super beau dehors,
faites un truc ensemble!"

What is in my keyring:
- YubiKey
- OTP for bank
- USB drive
- GPS tracker

What is *not* in my keyring:
- Key.

In case you are using and need to deal with data, you might want to check my module SQLSimplePS -

It allows, among other things, commands like [SQLSimple]::Query("SELECT * FROM dbo.TestTable", $connectionString) which returns a hash table.

I also thought the property names I choose are way too long. But then I came across this gem from


I think it's a clear indication that you server code needs work when testing it with cURL returns this:

curl: (26) read function returned funny value

How good is Visual Studio Code compared to PowerShell ISE?

It's "I released a new version of my personal PowerShell module because working with VS Code is fun" good.

From the [Factorio Wiki](

The timescale can be set to 5 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 10 hours, or 50 hours.

If you are a new player, you might find the idea of playing a single factory for 50 hours ridiculous. **You'll change your mind soon enough.**

Step 1: Make ice tea and name your company "Long Island Iced Tea Corporation"
Step 2: Rename it to ""Long Blockchain Corporation"
Step 3: Profit (+200% stock price)
Step 4: ???

I swear, the DI.FM Nu Disco channel is playing Take That. Which year is it?

I learned today the hard way that the [InstallDelete] section in fails silently for locked files. No error, no message. If the file is locked, Inno just ignores the delete command.

I replaced it with a Pascal Scripting section that use FileDelete or MoveFileEx:

I bought the Moto G4+ to have a cheap device (~150€) to play around with but it turned out to be one of the best device I ever tried. Pure standby time at about 6 days, good performance and MicroSD support. Just the boot loader unlock process sucks.

Shadow of War game files are 65 GB in total.

Mordor seems to be huge place.

The Sexy Brutale is one of the best adventures I have ever played and also puts in some pun from time to time.

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