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Hello fediverse, we are the Edinburgh Linux User Group.

EdLUG is a group of like-minded people living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our interests are in Linux, Open Source software/hardware and related concepts.

We're currently hosting our User Group online and welcome you all along.


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Let's see if the dog doesn't eat them this year...

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Something for your ears and brain. A new episode of #Ubuntu Podcast! @marxjohnson@twitter.com @m_wimpress@twitter.com and @popey@twitter.com discuss the recent @ubuntu@twitter.com release, discuss a confusing command line love, and read some of your feedback! Have a listen.

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A little tweet about #Monero #XMR.

* #RingCT: conceals the transaction amount.

* #RingSignatures: protect the sender by obfuscating which output was spent.

* #StealthAddress: ensure that the recipient's address is not recorded on the blockchain.

* #Kovri / #i2p / #Tor / #Dandelion++: breaks the link between your transactions and physical location by obfuscating the broadcast origin and concealing network signs of Monero activity.

#crypto #cryptocurrency

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We're back! Season 1 of our 13th episode, or something. Join @popey@twitter.com @marxjohnson@twitter.com amd @m_wimpress@twitter.com discussing @ubuntu@twitter.com #Linux and other news. Also, babies and bridges.


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Regarding Jitsi Meet servers:
There is a recent trend to use Jitsi Meet, a JavaScript WebRTC application, for videoconferencing.

Please note that these video conferences aren't end-to-end encrypted. This means server-side parties can monitor your activity. If you want to use Jitsi hosted by others, look for a comprehensive privacy policy as always.

There could be additional legal requirements if you want to use third-party Jitsi servers for school or work.

#jitsi #privacy #security #infosec

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Curry has been had. Unlucky for you lot, Season 13 is in pre-production 😀

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The twidere client is unmaintained for more than six months now. It's basically besides andStatus the only OSS twitter client that supports Twitter and Mastodon with a serious UX. It's a real problem for anyone who wants to convert over to mastodon in a soft break.

If anyone out there has the time and love to take this opportunity it would help the fediverse and many people out there for sure.


#mastodon #fediverse #twitter #android #development

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