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Charging current is continuously sampled, for data overloads, spike filtering, and quality checks.
Conductivity changes with ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity.
Thus, intelligent cars develop a sense of taste. The best charging stations are in Guide Michelin.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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2/ Those myths are :
- It is possible to create a circular economy and recycle (false)
- We just need to electrify our lifestyle and power it with renewable energy (false)

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A user has reached to us and asked that we check if all updates on her laptop were installed correctly.

When asked, she did clarify, that a Microsoft Office update has installed itself recently, and everything continued to work fine. Which made her suspicious.

@ryuslash On the awesomeness of ^L - ASCII has a bunch of other fun characters - like ^\, ^], ^^, ^_ - file, group, record and unit separators.

The inconsistency of CSV format and its variants is causing millions, if not billions, of dollars of waste per year. All that could be avoided, if we used out-of-band characters for demarking fields and records, which are already present in ASCII/UTF-8.

Even piping in UNIX shells would've been easier if people used ^_ instead of spaces to divide data items...

@ryuslash Yeah, at my previous job (when I was doing a lot of CL), one of my co-workers was... less than thrilled about this.

Which is sad, because:

- ^L is awesome and should be used everywhere. Beats stuff like:


- In Lisp world in particular, ^L is traditionally used in this role.

Alas. My current work is in C++, I'm not even trying to push that to people. I'm pretty sure it would break someone's VS Code or something.

scale. It's like scale for measuring the technological advancement of civilization, with restriction that the energy SHOULD NOT be used to produce any useful output.

h/t _Microft, news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

@ryuslash No, it's a package on MELPA called form-feed. See:


I've never used fill-column-indicator, but just tried the built-in display-fill-column-indicator-mode, and it seems to not conflict.

Here's how it looks for me:

@pallas It's not defined anywhere. You can create arbitrary blocks in Org Mode - #+begin_whatever, #+end_whatever.

Shortcut (to avoid all that typing) is C-c C-, (for the insert block menu), and then SPC or RET to give a custom name.

There's probably a way to add custom blocks to that menu, but I haven't explored it yet.

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Shouldn't bring up nuclear things in a discussion of viral research, IMO. Too different.

The only interesting shared discussion is the "what is natural" philosophical debate. Clearly everything humans touch is unnatural. *pokes finger on himself*

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> In a discussion about SARS-CoV-2 research lab theory
> Talks about gain-of-function research being unnatural
> Wants to ban the technique
> Uses Demon Core as example of scientific technique no longer in use

Criticality experiments are very much still practiced scientific techniques my dude. We just have safety precautions for it now. No more rodeo-style hands, shims, and screwdrivers while putting your face near a weapons-grade core.

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1) the device prior to being activated.

2) a fission explosion begins. lots of nuclear particles are generated but do not yet interact with the HYGN

3) the fusion occurs. note the red and yellow PHOT as well as the upper half of the HYGN, which as combusted (into FIRE and SMKE).

4. the characteristic fusion explosion. note the travelling PHOT ahead of the shock front.

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One day, a lonely god happened to come across a demon who was busy making something.
"What are you making?" the god asked.
"A shrine," said the demon.
"To whom?"
"You worship humans?"
"No. But I have faith in them."
The god thought. "You know, so do I. May I pray here?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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@temporal i can't just whisper some super clever things to a car and have it roll over and die. But you can do that to computers, and you don't even need to get close to do the whispering..

Quote of the day:

"All today’s new tech ideas must stand up to the question of whether they are viable in a majority bad actor environment.

If they were like cars, only bulletproof armored personnel transports need apply.

The modern Internet is basically a failed state."

-- api, news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

@ryuslash I tried that, I tried it so badly, and then the compiler couldn't take it anymore, and it crashed, and its core dump just said, "your god can't save you now".

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