tip of the day: shortdoc-display-group. Amazing new built-in functionality!

By default a little empty, but it's a great way for creating your own "cheatsheet" lists as you learn more about Emacs / .

See attached screenshot for an example - here I started making a cheatsheet for date/time manipulation functions I've been researching recently.

I hope the core developers will soon recognize the utility for user-maintained shortdocs, and improve the interface a bit (e.g. give us a defcustom).

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As an extra bonus, if a function was added to a shortdoc group, the built-in help will mention that group!

See another attached screenshot, showing how the help buffer for `time-convert' mentions my shortdoc group.

As more functions hopefully get their shortdoc entries, this will greatly aid discovery. It's potentially much more ergonomic than the options we had so far, namely:

- Finding the part of Info manual that mentions a function;

- Jumping to source and poking around.

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