Well, they said "*sensitive data* is never tracked", not "no data", and especially not "no activity".

This is to remind everyone that:

1) Sales copy is always to be read wearing a language lawyer hat;

2) Software companies are now aware privacy and data control are features for some segment of the market, so they will (technically-not)lie and cheat about it. Just because someone mentions "tracking" and "privacy" in their copy, doesn't mean they don't do former and respect the latter.

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Also, in general agreement with most of that subthread [0] on [1]: how the fuck this is even a topic for *terminal emulators*?

I yearn for the days where people recognized this for what it was: . Companies peddling such things were considered malicious actors, and avoiding such software was a basic computer use skill, one the more savvy users taught the less experienced ones.


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's privacy policy is also good:

"Note: This privacy page is not an official Privacy Policy. We are working on a more official Privacy Policy that will will be a more legalese version of the below. For the moment, please accept our good faith effort to tell you how our app works while we go through the motions of getting something legal drafted up."

Yeah, you've burned that already with the whole "sensitive data is never tracked" thing vs. the actual telemetry loaded.

@temporal Huh, it's even written in an esolang. How about that.

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