tip of the day:

Just copy-paste the code below into an Org Mode buffer (and C-c C-c on "<<<Radio links>>>" for extra effect). Or see the screenshot attached below.

*** Two new things I just ([2022-04-02 Sat 01:25]) learned about Org Mode
1. [ ] Ordered lists can have checkboxes too!
2. <<Target links>> are a thing, distinct from <<<Radio links>>>
Target links need to be [[Target links][linked to explicity]], while Radio links don't!

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@temporal Yep, radio links are awesome. I learned about it as I was reading the manual to add features to :)

@kaushalmodi Never really used them much - they don't auto-update, and they're scoped to file. I'd find them more useful if they could work across files - e.g. with the targets being in files that define project vocabulary, and links in the files with ongoing notes or TODO lists.

But I didn't know about Target links - these work across files the same way headline links do. These are more like URI fragments in HTML: a way to link to any place in a file, not just to a headline.

Super useful!

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