What is the word for a kind of , except instead of being apprehensive about missing out, it would describe being worried about being "different" and not hopping on the current silly community memewagon that's taken everyone around you by storm?

Like e.g. I don't play wordle. I'm starting to worry that maybe I should. But that only makes me want to play it less.

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@temporal Missfit, ugly duckling, peer pressure.

There are a bunch of psychological experiements showing most people have a strong tendency to conform to others around them, e.g., facing the rear of an elevator or not responding to smoke, if everyone else present is doing similarly.

That said, and having succumbed somewhat to the Wordle thing myself: you're not missing all that much. One reason I came up with (and shared) my own "20 characters in 4 words" strategy was to reduce the game ot a pretty mechanical exercise with relatively little challenge.

Individualism, DGAF, confidence, and self-directedness are also Things.

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