coinbros doing a stupid, hilarious 

Cryptobros win an auction for Jodorowsky's "Dune" concept art compendium in book form:

They paid ~100脳 the estimated price. And they think buying this book gives them the necessary rights to make a series based on it. 馃ぃ

I mean, shouldn't NFT bros know everything about copyright and imaginary property?

I cannot stop laughing.


coinbros being stupid enough to be dangerous 

@rysiek Check the story closer - they're entertaining the idea of scanning the book page by page, and selling pages (or subsections) as NFTs, and *burn the actual physical copy* as to make NFTs "more valuable".

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coinbros being stupid enough to be dangerous 

@temporal @rysiek

Is there some "destruction of cultural patrimony" statute under which an injunction can be obtained to enjoin the seller from making delivery?

coinbros being stupid enough to be dangerous 

@temporal yeah, just saw that. Cultural vandalism.

coinbros being stupid enough to be dangerous 

@temporal @rysiek Now we know what they might've done with that copy of the US constitution This really be some Fahrenheit 451 level shit, but instead of a dystopian surveillance state it's coinbros trying to make their artificial scarcity actually mean something.

@EthanTheEnigma It is another warning sign for where the whole NFT craze is heading.

There is a non-zero chance that they'll manage to normalize their idiocy in the minds of the masses, at which point we may wake up in a world where such insanity becomes backed by laws.


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