I tried to search for "fediverse" on LinkedIn and, surprise surprise, I didn't find many promising results.

Are there any companies, startups, or enterprises working to further the somehow? I'm sort of looking for a new employer and would like working for someone who aligns with my personal goals.

Thoughts or leads?

@ayushsharma22 "fediverse" and "linkedin" feel like two mutually incompatible environments.

I'm having a hard time imagining a company, startup or enterprise furthering the fediverse.

@temporal @ayushsharma22

LOL I bet I am in the handful of "didn't find many promissing results" category.

People on LinkedIn or any other cenratlized social platform don't think about services the way of the fedi.

@stunder @temporal @ayushsharma22 Similarly, people on the fediverse might not keep a LinkedIn presence.


@Gargron I think this is much less likely. I believe most of people on the Fediverse do keep a LinkedIn account. The reasoning is:

1. Most people need to work for a living.
2. Most people on Fediverse are in tech, or tech-adjacent fields.
3. Employers in fields #2 do look at, and/or recruit through, LinkedIn.

How often one does check their LinkedIn account is another topic. Myself, probably every 6 months, to check up on friends.

As a social network, I find it disturbing.

@stunder @ayushsharma22

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@temporal @gargron @stunder @ayushsharma22

I do have a LinkedIn presence which I check fairly regularly as I help my employers set up their sites. I don't divulge it here nor vice versa as doing so would mean divulging my real name/identity and even though I might toot about things I've been doing at work I'd rather keep /some/ of my professional and personal online presence separate..

@temporal @Gargron @stunder @ayushsharma22

The self-congratulatory auto-fellatio in every LinkedIn makes me gag.

@Korgdisso @temporal @Gargron @stunder I still keep a LinkedIn profile hoping I'll find an employer who shares my non-work tech interests, the fediverse being one of them. But LI isn't what is used to be. Now it's more self-congratulations, virtue signalling, and has almost nothing to do with tech. Which is bad because we still need a place to connect professionally since normal people still aren't on the fediverse.

my LinkedIn has mostly people trying to "build their brand" and facebook tier political memes, along with people taking selfies for some reason when they get a job

shame it actually is a reasonably good tool for finding a job or I wouldn't keep mine
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