I tried to search for "fediverse" on LinkedIn and, surprise surprise, I didn't find many promising results.

Are there any companies, startups, or enterprises working to further the somehow? I'm sort of looking for a new employer and would like working for someone who aligns with my personal goals.

Thoughts or leads?

@ayushsharma22 "fediverse" and "linkedin" feel like two mutually incompatible environments.

I'm having a hard time imagining a company, startup or enterprise furthering the fediverse.

@temporal @ayushsharma22

LOL I bet I am in the handful of "didn't find many promissing results" category.

People on LinkedIn or any other cenratlized social platform don't think about services the way of the fedi.



That too, but I was going more for "people focused on making money (off software or otherwise), when congregating on a platform whose lead topic is making money, tend to have a frame of mind that's incompatible with the goals of the fediverse".

This is not to pigeonhole people there - I just think linkedin as a venue is a very bad place to have this conversation on.


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