is the real experience in digital gardening. You tend to it for years, decades, as it grows with you to be your own, one-of-a-kind computing environment where you feel comfortable, efficient, and in peace.

It's not as perfect as the commercial flower installations. But they come and go, and your garden endures. As new plants come into fashion, you can get them for your garden too. As they go out of fashion, you can still keep them if you want.

And yes, you can also blog with it too.

@temporal This is that beautiful, that it will be the prelude on my #Emacs tag page of my blog:
Thank you for those words of wisdom and inspiration. 💓

@publicvoit I'm honored 😊 .

If I knew, I'd put more effort into making it sound better.

It's a thought that struck me the other day: "digital garden" movement is all about self-publishing, and I do understand the metaphor - but I realized that the way I've been tending to my Emacs config for over a decade now feels much more like keeping a garden. There's a (third of my) lifetime of experiences buried in those ~2k lines of elisp. It changes to reflect how my relationship with personal comuting evolves.

@temporal @publicvoit indeed. My journey started with TECO Emacs on TOPS20, passed through Multics emacs one summer, FINE on TOPS10, I felt the need to install MicroEmacs on DOS, port it to the Amiga (the port became mg/micrognu), GNU emacs, Xemacs, back to GNU, now Org, added Xah Fly Keys, a few emacs bankruptcies ... and a constant feeling of being "home", in control and with a base to integrate and explore the world. Tending my emacs garden for life!

@eludom Wow, that must be an amazing garden! I'd love to read the story of how it grew and evolved over all these decades (and, of course, see it).

I wonder, are there any similarities between TECO Emacs and current GNU Emacs? What's the legacy, beyond just the name?


@temporal @publicvoit some of it in blog, lots of it in git. Raspberry pi that hosts it took a power hit. Probably back online tomorrow. I'll post links.

But you hit the nail on the head. Emacs is what you make it. It's the playdough that swishes into the shape you want. It's the tool that makes working on other things pleasant .... and makes you ask of all else "why isn't this just text" :-)

@temporal @publicvoit and in the end of course, my "garden" does not matter.

You nailed it.

The [evil empire]s of the world all want you to buy their cookie cutter gardens that look exactly the same.
Emacs is about planting what you want. Tending it. Letting it go. Walking away for a while. Replanting. Staring over.

Other people's gardens only serve to provide examples. Nice flower. Cool org capture template. "Wait, it does THAT with a prefix arg ???"


@eludom Yes. Emacs is about you owning your garden to fullest extent. Which means you can choose a cookie-cutter garden too - plenty of people start from industrial-quality kits like Spacemacs or Doom, or limit themselves to a neat row of use-package statements. But the moment it lands on your drive, this garden is truly yours. It grows and changes as you grow and change. There's nobody dictating fashion to you, and now one preventing you from becoming self-reliant to the extent you desire.


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