, I have two / questions about and types, and my search skills are failing me. Could anyone point me towards some work / solutions on the two topics below? I'll expand each topic in a subtoot of this one.

1. Data transformation taxonomy: is there some kind of dictionary of common data structure transformations?

2. Data transformation diagramming: is there a diagramming language for visualizing data flow in a program (at a function level, not architecture)?

On 2. Transformation diagramming:

Let's say I want to visualize data flow of a function that accepts S[], where S = {A, B}, and returns (T?[])?, where Foo? stands for Either<Foo, Error>. The T?[] array is the same size as S[], and elements correspond to each other.

Inside, my function must call another one, that takes two equal-sized arrays C[] and D[], where C is some transformation of A, and D is of B. That inner function will return two arrays, U[] and E[], that together transform to T?[].



So I'm trying to visualize how all those arrays and their types have to get transformed, and I can't find any prior work that would help me with this.

I'm currently hacking a PlantUML Activity Diagram for that purposes, so I'll post a rough sketch of what I'm talking about as an attachment. But my question is, is there a standard graphical language for this kind of drawings?

I vaguely recall seeing such diagrams on websites teaching algorithms, but nothing in the industry.


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