@deshipu I reject the label. Social Darwinism is ascribing moral weight to behavior of dynamic systems. I'm just describing the behavior of dynamic systems. I'm talking what *is*, not what *ought to be*; SD assumes that what is is also what ought to be, and runs with it.

Among many reasons why real tribe (not a spherical-cow-in-vacuum tribe) would come to kill you, is because they need something you have but don't want to give, and it's still easier to take it from you than procure elsewhere.


@deshipu Contd. on the extremely altruistic tribe: if you keep giving the fruits of your labor away, the others benefit more, grow more, come to ask for more. At some point you realize this is unsustainable - you'll run out of things you need to survive. So you start giving things away so eagerly. At which point the other tribes, whose supply of stuff is suddenly threatened, start looking for other sources - but also keep pressuring you for as long as it's the easiest thing to do. This might involve force.

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