yesterday i learned a lesson i already knew about proprietary software

i plugged in my old iPad and asked it to download some episodes of Behind the Attraction to watch on the plane

then i put it in my bag and eventually boarded. once we got to 10,000 feet, i pulled out my iPad and was greeted with, "Please go to the App Store to update Disney+"

except, of course, i was in the air on a regional jet with no wireless, and i didn't need that update anyway because i just wanted to watch downloaded episodes!

anyway piracy is in every way better and more ethical than using subscription streaming services

@tindall i was excited when big music stores started selling music without DRM, and for a while i hoped that there would be a video store that would do the same

but instead everything became streaming (even music 😕) and everything sucks


@QuietMisdreavus It's funny how what is essentially just an UX optimization - arranging so the content can be perused while still being downloaded - became a business model.

All it took is making software throw away the data it downloads instead of saving it to a file, and getting the law to prohibit users from making their software save that data.


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