I think Starfleet ships in the 24th century are running as their OS. That's because:

1. Software freedom is a kind of thing United Federation of Planets would embrace in its philosophy / governing ethics.

2. Starfleet ships are extremely automated and their computers can run them autonomously - yet they carry hundreds of busy-looking crew, doing what exactly? I posit, they're endlessly tinkering with their system, thanks to a platform that generates infinite amounts of yaks to shave.

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I'm pretty sure that `lcars-display-buffer-alist` is a thing.

@temporal yes! Although I always expected it to be a Lisp machine. I can't wait for those to come back!

@temporal I disagree, actually. Too many systems aren't remotely accessible, which seems like poor design. Also, the virtual doctor on Voyager can't be shut down without taking out the whole ship systems (see Darkling).

@klaatu Maybe, or maybe in all those centuries they still didn't manage to fix TRAMP, so in a moment of crisis, it's still easier and safer to physically go to the target system than trying to remote in with TRAMP.

As for the doctor, have you tried adding doctor-mode to help-mode-hook?

@temporal brilliant, I love this response. I'm convinced.

@temporal @klaatu

"Captain, I'm getting File mode specification error: (wrong-number-of-arguments #[(filename)... error!"

@temporal nah, it's obviously vi, they could have gone with like 3 people on board, the others just can't quit.

@temporal the enterprise is still running on windows 2000 chief

@temporal warning warning init.el core breach imminent!!!!!!!

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