Definition of yak shaving:

1. Oh, I have 5 minutes, I can do that little automation I wanted.
2. Tasker asks me to double-check battery optimization; offers helpful video.
3. Sure, I'll watch. I have new headphones, may as well test them.
4. Ouch, no idea how to connect them back to the PC. Reddit says to futz around with the app.
5. Install app.
6. Oh, app wants to update firmware on the headphones. Will take some 20-40 minutes to complete.
7. What was I doing again?

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@temporal Arrgh fuck technology really is its own worst enemy sometimes.

@sullybiker Damn right.

My wife sometimes asks me what am I doing, and when it's computer work, I'm usually unable to explain it - because almost invariably, I'm in the middle of a side quest on a side task that's not at all related, but somehow necessary to do the thing I was supposed to be doing in the first place.

Part of it is self-inflicted. Normal people just turn new hardware on and enjoy it, not waste 2 hours replacing pulseaudio with PipeWire...

@temporal And yet it affects them too. My boss had to miss a meeting, because he made the mistake of updating his computer. It took 90 minutes.

@temporal There must be a paper out there where somebody has quanitified productivity loss due to Windows updates...

@sullybiker s/Windows updates/automated updates in general/

I really hate automated updates.

@temporal Also replacing pulse is never time wasted :)

@temporal I remember getting a new Intel wifi card for my kid's desktop, because the existing PCI-E one was terribly slow.

> Installs it
> Needs a newer kernel
> Builds new kernel (30 mins later...)
> Nvidia GPU driver does not support new kernel
> Finds a beta driver

It took quite literally all evening.

@temporal not sure if this will be helpful for you but has some resources on battery optimization for different vendors

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