Today I learned: arcade games that look like games of skill (e.g. plush-toy claws, "stop the light", etc.), are actually games of chance.

A kid may play perfectly, but if it's not their turn to win, the game will *pretend* they mistimed their action.

Besides the topical Sega's Key Master, there's discussion of other games, with video evidence of them being rigged.

This should be pursued as a criminal case, offering illegal gambling to children.

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@temporal Gus Johnson, out of all youtubers, has a video or two on this. He exposes not only this scam, but many scammer youtubers who pretend to win stuff on these machines and milk thousands or millions of views f rom kids. They have all sorts of nasty ways, e.g. they'll go to a place and make trouble and get thrown out, but say they were thrown out for winning too much. They'll have rigged machines at home and "win" everytime.

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