What's the state of the art on exploring files in ? Anything better for than -mode? What about tooling (or integration with them)?

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@temporal nhexl-mode is a thing and tries to fix bad performance. I've commented on the other question earlier today on r/emacs:

I use radare2 and considered looking into GNU poke for reverse engineering file formats with a less ad-hoc approach.

@wasamasa Thanks! I forgot about nhexl-mode, quicky installed it back :).

I'll have to look into radare2 and WinDbg at some point - maybe it'll let me avoid the one last use for Visual Studio that I have at work, i.e. debugging things. If I could make either one work with Emacs, I wouldn't have to leave it anymore :D.

@temporal radare2 has weak debugger support, it's much more compelling for everything else, like doing ad-hoc analysis of binary formats. I typically use gdb with gef for the occasional time I practice binary exploitation. Immunity Debugger with serves the same purpose on Windows.

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