@cadadr@mastodon.sdf.org I agree it's a spectrum. And in case of git, I think it fails at UX level.

But I'm becoming convinced the failure is that it tries to present a simplified abstraction, but doesn't commit fully to it. The result is, instead of exposing people directly to a slightly more complex but much more correct mental model, it hints at the simplified one and utterly confuses people.

I'd even say that whether it should or shouldn't be necessary to know how the tool works to operate it, is a spectrum too!



@cadadr@mastodon.sdf.org The question is, how general is your tool?

With a single-cup coffee maker, all you need to know is how to plug it in, where to pour water, put a coffee pod, a cup, and which button to press. The artifact is the coffee.

With a hoe, the artifact is... many steps away from your use of a hoe. The garden you're growing will use many tools, each in many roles, and you need to understand both some gardening *and* how the tools contribute to be effective.

Git is like a collection of gardening tools.


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