I came here to chew gum and exercise my democratic rights, and I'm all out of democratic rights.

@deshipu I remember taking part in a meeting about #ACTA with then-prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk.

After we reached a stalemate (the government really wanted to push ACTA through) a good friend of mine quipped, half-jokingly, to Tusk:

> Mr Prime Minister, history teaches us that almost the only time a government lets the people gain any freedoms is through a revolution. I would hope we can avoid that.

Context: there were tens of thousands of Poles on the streets protesting against ACTA

@rysiek And the main reason they were out there, protesting, is because an unrelated FBI raid on Kim Dotcom which involved shutting down Megavideo, and Polish people suddenly found themselves without their favourite TV shows to stream after school/work :).


@deshipu In broad sense it was, but not directly. I just remember the sudden shift of mood on the ground. One moment nobody ever heard of SOPA/ACTA, then Megavideo dies and suddenly even my mom (who otherwise isn't following such events) starts talking about SOPA, PIPA & ACTA and people are out in the streets protesting.


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@temporal @rysiek That's how it works with everything, from nuclear reactors to furries. You think it doesn't apply to you, and then something happens and suddenly it does apply to you, so you get involved, at least until the next thing hits you.

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